Snowman Ornaments: Bringing Winter Charm to Your Christmas Decor

Feb 2nd 2024

What’s more classic than a White Christmas, or a Winter Wonderland theme? Not much, if you ask us.

A glistening, white Christmas theme is as quintessential to Christmas as pumpkins are to Halloween, and about as versatile as it is classic.

One staple decorative element of just about any White Christmas theme is the snowman.

Not only in the form of decorative motifs and Christmas figurines, but in the form of snowman ornaments, which are versatile and practical for creating a warm, whimsical atmosphere.

Let’s dive right into how, where and when to make the most of snowman ornaments.

Snowman Ornaments

The Diversity of Snowman Ornaments

One of the great things about snowman ornaments is that, since the snowman is such a common decorative element, there is a great deal of diversity in themed ornaments.

Of course, there are classic glass snowman ornaments, but there are also wooden, resin, metal, and fabric ornaments, as well as unique handcrafted versions.

Snowmen, like angels, are ubiquitous in Christmas decorating and can be used to support a wide range of themes, from Winter Wonderland, to Rustic, to Winter Woodland and so much more. Nearly any theme in our collection can be elevated with the addition of a few snowman ornaments.

Snowman Ornaments

Snowman Ornaments for Various Christmas Themes

Because snowmen are such versatile elements of Christmas decorating, snowman ornaments can be used to support a wide range of Christmas themes, including but not limited to:


  • Traditional Christmas: Snowman ornaments make a perfect pairing with the other Christmas decorations in our Classic Christmas Collection. The reds, greens, whites and golds of the ribbon and other ornaments in this collection pair naturally with snowman ornaments, as well as with other snowman-themed decor. Together, they produce a timeless appeal that is family-friendly and fun for all.

    Snowman Ornaments

  • Whimsical Winter Wonderland: Perhaps in no other capacity will snowman ornaments and decorations produce such a show-stopping effect as they will when paired with the elements of a winter wonderland. The whites and silvers of this collection are reminiscent of snow. Just like a White Christmas theme, the use of snowmen decorations and ornaments from our Winter Wonderland collection will evoke pleasant childhood memories and enchantment.
  • Elegant Snowy Soiree: Another iteration of a winter wonderland theme, if your home has an elegant, elevated, or luxuriously refined aesthetic, then pairing snowmen ornaments and decor with the highlights of our Natural Elegance collection is a good way to go. The metallic accents and intricately detailed elements of the decorations in this collection will work beautifully with a few snowman-themed accents.

This is just a sampling of some of the creative ways in which you can use snowman ornaments in your Christmas decorating - but it’s a start!

Using Snowman Ornaments in Decor

Snowman Ornaments

One of the great things about snowman ornaments is that, as stated, they are incredibly versatile.

The most straightforward (and obvious) way to decorate with these ornaments is to hang them on the branches of your Christmas tree. With that said, you can also adorn the rest of the Christmas greenery in your home. Hang snowman-themed ornaments on your wreaths, garlands, and elsewhere in your home.

In addition, you can also use them to create centerpieces and table settings. Snowman-themed ornaments can be used for this, as can resin decorative figures.

Snowman Ornaments

Looking for other creative and unique ways to decorate with ornaments and resin figures? Prop them up on mantels, place them among picture frames, decorate shelves with them - or if you have corner nooks or alcoves, decorate these with snowman figures and ornaments.

You can also get creative with a snowman theme - it’s easy to paint clear glass ornaments white or in the likeness of a snowman; or to create your own fabric and ribbon ornaments. Two to three white plush balls, hot glued together, with buttons for eyes and a mouth and a bit of orange fabric for a nose, and you have your own DIY-snowman ornament.

Snowman Ornament Collections

As fun as DIY Christmas decorations can be (especially to get the whole family together) we sell a bunch of snowman-themed decorations and ornaments that are ready to roll and widely compatible with many of our themed collections.

Take some time to look through our Snowman Ornament collection where you will discover a wide range of different glass, metal, and fabric ornaments that are versatile, adorable, and widely compatible with a range of different themes, making it easy for you to create a cohesive and stunning aesthetic.

And, since we sell everything you need to complete the look you’re going for in one place, it’s convenient and effortless, too.

Your BEST Christmas EVER Starts Now!

Widely compatible with a diverse range of different themes from classic to contemporary, snowman ornaments and decorations can add charm, whimsy, and even a touch of nostalgia to nearly any setting.

Take some time to look through our snowman ornament collection (or better yet, come visit us in Texas) to discover something that’s perfect for your home’s theme. Take a look through our full catalog of themed collections to get some additional inspiration - there’s plenty here to go around.

Once your vision is complete and you’ve set the stage, take some pictures and tag us in your post with #dwchristmas for a chance to be featured with us!