Reimagining Your Christmas Tree with Fall Decorations

Oct 4th 2023

We often consider Thanksgiving as the start of the Christmas season. However, like that famous Charles Dickens quote where Scrooge says, “I will honor Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year,” it’s not a bad idea to embody that. In fact, there are some countries that do celebrate a longer holiday season, one of which begins as early as the 1st of September.

Now, if you’ve been following us for some time now, you know just how much the Decorator’s Warehouse team loves the idea of celebrating the holidays as much and as thoroughly as possible. And your Christmas tree can be an excellent way to add more festive feels through fall or Halloween decorations!

Fall Color Palette: Crafting a Fun Fall Christmas Tree

Autumn is a season of transformation. And so, when it comes to reimagining your Christmas tree with fall decorations, the color palette plays a central role. Colors, after all, have the incredible ability to evoke emotions and set the mood. When decorating your tree with fall-inspired colors, you're not just picking colors; you're infusing your space with the essence of the season.

Imagine, for a second, those deep oranges, rustic reds, and earthy browns mingling atop your Christmas tree. The warm tones create a sense of intimacy and comfort, perfect for those chilly autumn evenings by the fire. Add in some cluster lights and you have a wonderful cozy look to keep you warm all fall!

These inviting hues are a subtle yet powerful way to extend the holiday season and embrace the beauty of fall.

Fall-Inspired Ribbon

Now, let's get into it and talk about the centerpieces—the heart and soul of your fall-inspired Christmas tree — the ribbon.

We often recommend first choosing the ribbon and complementary ribbon you will use to set the tone for the entire tree. Whether you use black, grey, and white with softer oranges or prefer the vibrant pops of orange, red, and yellows, there’s a fall ribbon for everyone!

Fall-Inspired Ornaments

Selecting the right fall decor is like choosing the perfect spices for a recipe: you want to make sure that it comes out perfect.

Just like you would any Christmas ornament for your tree, look for those floral sprays, picks, and ornaments that feature iconic fall imagery or colors. Miniature pumpkins, faux autumn leaves, berry-laden branches, crabapples, chestnuts, and acorns all add greater depth and texture to your tree.

Now, some of you might be wondering if fall-themed ornaments can coexist with your existing traditional Christmas decorations.

The answer is a resounding yes!

In fact, blending and mixing traditional elements like gold or white shatterproof ornaments and fall-themed accents can be a treat for the eyes. That gleam of gold can help bring out the warm tones of your fall decorations.

For example, you can try pairing delicate gold ornaments with rustic pumpkin-shaped ones. Or you can test filling your tree with snowy white shatterproof baubles alongside rich burgundy leaves.

The key is balance and spacing. Distribute your ornaments evenly so that each piece has its moment to shine while still contributing to that distinctly fall charm.

Fall Decoration Options

One of the joys of decorating for any season is the opportunity to let your creativity run wild. Rather than stress out about whether your display is perfect or not, try to let loose and have more fun.

When it comes to fall-themed decorations for your Christmas tree, the options are endless. Let's explore a few DIY project ideas that will help you create a rustic, fall-inspired masterpiece.

1. Leaf Garlands

Capture the essence of a crisp autumn day with stunning and realistic leaf garlands. Check out the looks we have in our Fall Garlands Collection.

fall decorations

2. Fall Ribbons

If you’ve been following us for a while now, then you know that ribbons aren’t just for gift-wrapping. Incorporate fall-themed ribbons into your tree design by creating large bows or elegant cascading ribbons.

Choose patterns that feel warm and natural to you!. Secure the ribbon in strategic spots to complement your other decorations.

You can see how to do this in our easy-to-follow decorating tutorials!

3. Sprays as Tree Toppers

Now, any tree isn’t complete without a proper topper. The question is, what, exactly, should you put as your fall tree topper?

For a unique twist on the traditional tree topper, consider using fall-themed sprays. These can include sprigs of berries, branches with fall leaves, or pumpkins.

fall decorations

Secure your chosen spray to the top of the tree, allowing it to extend gracefully above the branches. This unique topper will undoubtedly become a conversation piece.

Fall Christmas Tree Design: Bringing It All Together

Now, the decorations are set, it’s all about bringing it together in one fine display. Here are a couple of tips on how to go about decorating your tree based on our tried and tested 4-step process.

Step 1: Tree Topper

We begin at the very top of your tree—the tree topper. Consider choosing a topper that echoes the colors and themes of autumn. Personally, we love picking out about 5 different styles of fall sprays–can be a mixture of some of our cotton, berry, and bush sprays–and then gathering about 3-5 pieces of each spray and spreading them and mixing them in at the top of your tree.

Feel free to experiment with different colors and textures for your tree topper, putting in the biggest pieces first before you insert the smaller sprays.

Step 2: Christmas Tree Ribbon

The next layer of your fall Christmas tree design involves adding ribbon. For a fall-themed tree, look for ribbons with warm, earthy tones, and perhaps a touch of metallic brilliance to capture the flavor of the season.

Start at the top and work your way down, creating billowing loops and tails that cascade through the branches. Ribbons not only add visual interest but also help tie all the other decorations together.

Step 3: Floral Clusters

Now, this is where the real magic happens.Go ahead and find your favorite fall-themed florals and sprays from our store, and get ready to combine them into what we like to call floral clusters.

The general idea for these floral clusters is that you want to fill in those empty spaces. You can pick out about two to three sprays, and one to two flowers to create one floral cluster. Layer the flower on top to create a kind of a tree bouquet, and then start filling in your tree.

Step 4: Ornaments

Finally, it's time to add the ornaments—the stars of your fall Christmas tree. Begin with shatterproof balls in varying sizes and shades that show off those autumn colors. Place them diagonally throughout the tree, creating a pleasing visual rhythm.

Once the balls are in place, you can introduce some other fun elements! Think out of the box here, anything can become an ornament. We personally love using pumpkins of varying sizes, such as these galvanized shelf sitters. They create so much interest through the tree.

By following this four-step process—starting with the tree topper, moving on to the ribbon, adding floral clusters, and finishing with ornaments—you'll achieve a fall Christmas tree design that's not only visually striking but also utterly captivating.

Decorating your Christmas tree with fall elements is more than just a design choice; it's a way to bring the beauty of autumn indoors. The rich and warm color palette, the natural elements like pinecones and dried flowers, and the fall-themed ornaments capture the essence of this season and create a cozy and inviting atmosphere in your home.

What’s more, having a fall-themed tree included in your holiday traditions can become a yearly thing.

As you transition from Thanksgiving to Christmas, involve your family in the decorating process. It's an opportunity to spend more time with the kids and gives you a chance to reinforce the importance of gratitude and family during this special time of year.

Hopefully, this has inspired you to create your own fall-inspired tree!   It's a chance to get creative, express your personality, and celebrate the beauty of fall in a unique way. As you start gathering your fall decorations, remember that there are no strict rules—let your imagination flow.

Happy decorating, and may your holidays be filled with warmth, love, and the beauty of fall.