5 Steps to Craft a Fall Swag For Your Home

Sep 30th 2020
When you’re DIYing your fall front porch, you want to bring in as many textures and either neutrals or colors as you can, to bring a charming look to the front of your home! 

Crafting a Fall Swag for Your Front Door

Our Fall Teardrop Swag Kit is a great blend of trendy and classic elements! It’s a perfect way for you to step into the Do-it-Yourself scene for the first time — or if you’re a seasoned crafter, this kit gives you everything you need to assemble a showpiece for your charming and inspiring front porch!
Join Kristin from Decorator’s Warehouse, as she walks you through everything, step-by-step, to craft your fall door swag — or follow the guidelines below! We hope you have a great time assembling your door decor and getting your home ready for fall!

Assembling Your Swag in 5 Simple Steps

Step 1 - Fluff the Base
 · When you get your teardrop, they tend to come kind of flat. Shape it, pulling the greenery out towards you like you would with a Christmas tree.
Step 2 - Create the Bow
 · We’re going to go with an 11-loop bow for this swag. If you haven't done bows before, it is pretty simple, but takes practice.

Kristin’s Tip: Get a roll of ribbon and practice tying the bow a few times because getting comfortable with the ribbon is important for you to form a structured bow. 
 · Leaving a 6-8 inch tail, pinch the ribbon, and create a loop.
 · Since this is a single-sided ribbon, pinch the ribbon and twist, allowing the right side of the ribbon to be facing out. 
 · Make sure your loops are the approximately the same size.
 · Twist the ribbon, holding the center pinched, and repeat, making 11 loops.
Step 3 - Attach the door hanger and ribbon loops 
 · Secure the sign to the base, directly under the bow using some of the smaller greenery pieces. 
 · Take the remaining ribbon and create a tail, tucking it behind the bow, wrapping the greenery in place to hold. Create a loop and use the greenery to hold it in place. 
 · Continue to create 3-4 more loops throughout the teardrop base.
Step 4 — Incorporate the picks 

Kristin’s Tip - Some people spend a lot of time choosing a variety of picks to get this look, but we like to keep it simple! These picks have a variety of elements, making it easy to have an elevated look. 

 · Run some hot glue along the stem if you’d like to use the piece year after year.
 · Add the pick to the bottom of the swag. Wrap greenery around it to help hold it in.
 · Cut any picks as needed to add smaller elements throughout. 
 · Once you have them in ideal spots throughout, hot glue them to lock them into place. 
 · Take the cotton and cut them into three sections along the natural breaks. 
 · Look for natural openings and use the cotton to fill spaces.
 · Once the cotton is placed, add the dewberry picks, breaking some apart as needed. 
 · Fill in spaces that you still see greenery.
Step 5 - Finishing Touches
 · Look for elements that need to be secured better and either adjust it or add hot glue to give it more support.
 · You can use any extra ribbon to add tails throughout the piece. Use the greenery to secure the ribbon in place. 
 · Look for places that are looking a little empty, and add some of the additional elements throughout!
 · Take your swag to your front door and see your gorgeous work create the perfect centerpiece for the front of your home!
We hope you’ve enjoyed learning how to craft your swag and will check out the kit on our website! Happy crafting — keep learning and growing!

To share your creation with us, be sure to post your pictures with the hashtag #dwchristmas so we can see your gorgeous swag featured in your fall decor!