How To Theme Your Christmas Tree

Aug 6th 2020

        In our themed tree Blog Series, we recently answered the question “Why theme your Christmas tree?” We learned that creating a themed Christmas tree provides a cohesiveness in your space, creates focus as you buy and can actually save you money in the long run. Today we are going to discuss “How to Theme Your Christmas Tree.” 

        • 1.) Focus in on a Style When we theme trees in our store, they typically fit into one of three decorating styles: Rustic, Whimsical (think playful or cutesy) or Elegant/Traditional. When you see decorated trees, what tends to appeal to you the most? If you are not sure, visit us Decorator’s Warehouse for some inspiration or do a generic search on Pinterest (Christmas tree themes). Determine what speaks to you!

        Are you a glitz and glitter girl? 

        Rustic all the way? 

        Do you like more playful décor, such as Santas and Snowmen?

        • 2.) Narrow in on a Color Palette  Now that you’ve determined your style, let’s talk about choosing a color palette. This is important for creating a cohesive design as well as a very polished, professional look in your home. For this step, think about your surroundings, as well as the people you share your home with.

          • What colors do you decorate with at home? If your home is full of blues or golds or any other color combination, you may wish to pull those colors into your designs. A good way to do this is to pair a neutral (think gold, silver or platinum) with the color or colors you wish to include.

        via Olivia Roberts 

          • Do you have young children? If so, you may opt for something more cutesy.  I have young children at home and want them to have a tree of their own to enjoy in their playroom. For this tree, I incorporate bold red and green with playful prints like chevron and lots of santa, snowmen and reindeer.

          • If your home has a neutral color palette (gray, white or beige), you have more freedom to play with color. If your home has a bold color(s), consider pulling them into the design, rather than competing with it.

        3.) Start with a staple piece- Not sure where to start now that you’ve narrowed in on your theme? Start with a staple to design your tree around. This can be something that you already own, think an angel topper or a collection of Waterford crystal. If not, find something that speaks to you when you start the buying process. I generally prefer to choose my ribbon first, as it is such an integral component and can help you choose pieces that coordinate. Pick two or three prints to layer. If one is a bold print, pair it with a solid or a print that has a smaller scale. 


        Now that you have learned HOW to theme your tree, stay tuned because next up we will be looking at current trends for Christmas tree decorations to get some inspiration! What is your favorite Christmas decorating style?