WHY Create a Themed Christmas Tree?

Jul 29th 2020

If you come into Decorator’s Warehouse, you are sure to see many beautiful themed trees that will make your jaw drop! Our design team spends months and months prior to opening, scouting markets, learning the trends and curating looks to take the guesswork out. Our hope is that when you come in, you are able to find inspiration and that we can equip you with the tools and education that you need to create your dream themed Christmas tree! You might ask, why create a themed tree and we are here to answer that question! 

  • 1.)It creates a cohesive look in your space- pulling in colors and styles that are seen throughout your home, makes it looks finished. You can definitely impress friends and family and make them think you spent a lot of money hiring a professional designer to achieve the look.
  • 2.)It provides focus as you buy- A themed tree can be as minimal or as over the top as you like, but the key is to pull together items with a common color palette or look. Often our customers prefer to showcase a collection of ornaments that has been gathered over time. We love this! You can still create a cohesive foundation by adding ribbon, shatterproof balls and sprays or florals. This gives a finishing polish and allows your handpicked ornaments to show in their best light!
  • 3.)It allows you to avoid costly design mistakes – Have you ever bought a lot of items to put them in your home or on your Christmas tree, only to realize they don’t work well together? If you choose coordinating items in similar colors or style, they tend to work together and takes some of the guesswork out of the equation. In the long run, you actually can save money by avoiding these costly mistakes.
  • 4.)You can layer over time – start all at once or layer over time. Themeing your tree provides a foundation that you can add to year after year. If your budget doesn’t allow to do the whole thing at once, start smaller by choosing ribbon and a few styles of sprays. Next year you might choose to add a topper and floral clusters and so on!

  • 5.)It’s FUN! – Over time you will see your designs evolve as you sharpen your skills and grow in your design ability! This can be very fun and rewarding to experience. 

Do you create themed Christmas Trees in your home?