How to Add Cluster or Twinkle Lights to Your Christmas Garlands

Nov 28th 2023

Cluster lights are special LED lights that have been clustered together on a strand, are easy to install, create a cozy atmosphere, and are perfect for pairing with Christmas greenery.

One of the most effective ways to use our twinkle cluster lights is to attach them to a garland. Walk through these simple steps with our lighting expert, David Stokes! Here’s how to do it!

cluster lights

Christmas Garlands and Cluster Lights: Perfect Together

You’ll want to start with an unlit garland - a 6’ bristle garland is a good blank canvas. To make sure your finished product looks nicely filled, you’ll want to follow a 2:1 ratio of cluster lights for your Christmas garland.

cluster lights

So, if you’re doing a 6’ garland, you need 12’ of lights; if you have a 9’ garland, you need 18’ of lights, and so on, give or take. It’s better to have extra length than too little, though, so overshooting the ratio is no big deal.

Adding these lights for Christmas garlands is really simple. Lay the garland out on a table or on the ground. Shake out the unlit garland to ensure it’s laying at full length, then take one end of the cluster lights and apply it to one end of the garland.

Take two points at the end of the garland and place the end of the light staring between them.  Use the garland points like wires to secure the end of the light stand with a twist.

For the next step, go all the way to the other end of the twinkle light strand, and attach that to the opposite end of the bristle garland in the manner already described.

cluster lights

Now, both ends of your cluster lights are attached to the ends of the garland.

Next you need to find the middle of the light strand. To do this, bring the lights together with the excess in the middle of the garland, lay this out, and run your hand to the end of the loop. This point in the cluster light strand is the midpoint!

Attach the midpoint of the cluster light strand to the middle of the garland, using two points as wire twists to secure it, in the manner described above.

This reduces the length of lights you will need to zigzag through the garland, making it easier for you to work a little excess length into the garland.

Now you have two halves of the light strand and two halves of the garland. Find the middle of one half of the light strand that is still free, and fix that to the middle (which is actually the quarter) of the garland.

Then, zig zag the cluster light strand through the garland, using points of the garland (where necessary) to secure the lights to prevent them from working or hanging free.

Now zig zag the rest of the light strand through the garland, and go back about every foot or so and use the garland’s points to secure the light strand in place so that no parts hang loose.

That’s all there is to it - now you can go ahead and use your garland on a banister, railing, column, or around a doorway or over a fireplace - or anywhere else your home needs it.

(By the way, storing the garland with the twinkle lights attached at the end of the season is easy, too. Simply flatten the tips of the garland out, start at one end, and roll it up into a ball.)

LED Lights for Christmas Decorations

Our cluster twinkle lights for Christmas decorations offer numerous benefits to users.

For one, they are extremely durable LED lights with “bulbs” that are effectively shatterproof. They’re also rated to 50,000 hours - that’s 12 hours a day for 6 months for 25 years!

Since they’re LEDs, they also use hardly any electricity. They’re much more efficient than incandescent lights for Christmas decorations and will save you a little on energy costs.

Our cluster twinkle lights are also super easy to work with, resistant to tangling, and once you add them to a garland once, you’ll be set, season after season. Add them this year and it’ll be a one-time deal!

They’re also end-to-end connectible, making it easier to add in extra lights if you have longer garlands or wreaths to decorate with LED Christmas lights - or if you want to add them to your tree, which is another “bright” idea!

They also offer a really good quality output and warm white color temperature so you can customize the lights to your other Christmas decorations.

Your BEST Christmas Ever Starts Here!

Take a look through our collection of indoor and outdoor Christmas lights, as well as our Christmas greenery, including garlands and wreaths. All of them are natural mates for our cluster twinkle lights, and can be used in so many creative ways around your home.

Your best Christmas ever starts right now. You just need to bring your vision to life!