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Host A Holiday Cookies Exchange Party!

Dec 3rd 2021

There’s not much cuter than hosting a holiday cookie swap for your friends and family. Whether you’re planning one for the cousins and are hosting a bunch of kids or you’re gathering some of your baker friends, you can make a Christmas cookie swap the highlight of the Christmas season!

Here are a few things you can incorporate to make your exchange super sweet!

How to Host a Holiday Cookie Exchange

If you’ve never hosted one before, a Christmas Cookie Exchange is a pretty straightforward party — every attendee brings a dozen or two of their favorite cookies so that you have a variety to enjoy and take home! Divide the number of cookies brought by the number of guests in attendance and everyone leaves with a variety of fun cookies and a load of new recipes! The guests come to mingle and enjoy the festive atmosphere with friends AND to taste a variety of goodies.

What You Need —

  • Decorations like a Table Runner and Accents
  • Decorative Plates
  • Cake Stands and Party Platters to Display the Goodies
  • Paper Boxes and Ribbon or Tins to Send Guests Home with Cookies
  • Music to set the Mood
  • Water, Drinks, and Light Snacks

* Optional — Hot Cocoa, Whipped Cream, Sprinkles and Other Items for Hot Cocoa Bar

It’s all about sharing joy and good Christmas treats in a fun way!

Everyone loves a good make-it-yourself drink bar, and having a complete cocoa spread can add some festivity to your get-together! How adorable is the hot cocoa van and mugs?!

Two to Four Weeks Before the Party

Depending on how casual the event is, you could send a group text or an official invitation card. This event can be as light heart or as extravagant as you want it to be! E-vite options, Facebook group invites, or mailed invites are all great ways to get the word out there.

In the invite, you should include —

  • The party title (You’re invited to a Holiday Cookies Swap!).
  • Date and time.
  • Location with address.
  • How many cookies you would like them to bring (1 or 2 dozen).
  • Decide if you want to specify if all should be homemade or a certain theme.
  • Ask if any guests have allergens and if so, specify to avoid that ingredient.
  • If you are asking the guests to bring recipe cards, please specify in the invite. If you’d like to hand out a printable with all the recipes, have them email the recipes to you beforehand.
  • Add an RSVP deadline.

1 to 2 Weeks Ahead

  • Gather Decorations. You can keep this as minimal or extravagant as you’d like! To ensure you get the right look on the cookie table, you can ask friends to bring their cake stands and cutting boards to display the goodies. 

  • Collect the Kinds of Cookies. Now, whether you like warmly spiced gingerbread, dark chocolate vibes, or melt in your mouth sugar cookie, the options are endless! You can add a sign up for different specific cookies or let the attendees bring whatever they’d like. But if you want to be sure your attendees get a variety, a sign-up list is the way to go!
  • Print Labels for the Cookies. Whether it’s a little card or sheet, you’ll want to include the cookie name and any allergens in the cookies.
  • Come up with Your Menu. Decide if you’ll serve just drinks with the cookies or some delicious savory sides! We suggest a few things like crackers, cheese, and jam, a veggie, cheese, and meats charcuterie, some mulled cider, and a hot cocoa bar!

  • Get Your Shopping List Together. Whatever decor or food items you need, now’s the time to get them so you’re not left scrambling!
  • Gather Recipes If you’re going to hand out the recipes, be sure you have all of them in your inbox! You can use Canva to put together a really cute printable! Or if it’s informal, you can have recipe cards for them to fill out at the party and send the recipes out later that week!

Three Days Before

  • Curate your Music Selection. Decide if you want all classic, all jazz vibes, or a mix of everything! Christmas music definitely sets the tone for a night of festive fun!
  • Go Shopping! Make sure to check the list twice!

Day Before

  • Cook all Your Goodies. Make sure you put everything in sealed containers to keep it fresh!
  • Print out the labels and recipes and assemble boxes as needed!
  • Make Sure the Decor is Up.

Day Of The Cookie Swap Party!

  • Ensure the house is clean.
  • Set out all the Buffet Items, recipes, and packaging station.
  • Put the music on.
  • Set the mood with a fire or candles lit. Fill your home with all the scents of baking with our Orleans Creme Brulee candles. 
  • And enjoy yourself!

Be sure to include fun packaging and embellishments so your guests can leave with a fun favor that the whole family can enjoy!

A holiday cookie exchange is a favorite celebration with lots of laughs, stories, and memories made! We hope you have a wonderful month of Christmas celebrations and have a fabulous time with all your Christmas gatherings. You can find all the decor elements you need for a stellar Christmas Cookie Exchange, online or in-store!

We have to send a shout-out to our friends at Grounds and Gold in Arlington, TX, for making these adorable gingerbread men and other holiday treats! We love everything they do and if you’re local, you can order amazing sweets from Gold Ribbon Confections!