Frankenstein (Frankie) Halloween Decorations and Party Inspiration

Sep 26th 2023

When it comes to finding just the right look for your spooky and slightly adorable Halloween Decorations and party inspiration, we’ve got just what you need! If you love pink, head on over to our Pink and Black Halloween Decorations[1] blog to see how with a few simple adjustments, we took our pink tablescape and made this one-of-a-kind Frankie party — sure to entertain the kids and the kids at heart in your life!

We absolutely loved how the light coming through the windows with the faux spider webs cast this spooky white light through the design! It hit on all the right spots to give us the spooky vibes we were looking for!

Monster Mash Halloween Christmas Tree

We love how this Christmas tree came together with all the right essentials! From Frankie Christmas Tree Picks to these adorable boo ghosts, there’s so much to love with funtastic Halloween decorations.

Get yourself a couple Frankie Picks, Purple/Green/Orange Felt Ball Sprays, Upside Down Legs Boo Cauldron Sprays, Glitter Eye Ball Picks, Orange/Black Curly Sprays, and other picks and sprays that appeal to you, and work with the orange/black/green/purple color scheme, and decorate the tree.

Halloween Party Tablescape

Crafting a fun and magical tablescape is all about layering in the details!

We took what we had on hand - a fun lace web runner and candles and candle sticks and added in a few items from Decorator’s Warehouse to bring this matte black and white look to life! From the pumpkins and the boo and eek mugs to the black trees and spider pillows, there are so many visual interest points happening!

Wherever your guests will be gathered, remember to decorate the windows and walls with appropriately themed decorations and wall decor. Consider adding faux cobwebs to the windows and walls, bat, jack-o-lanterns, Halloween skeletons, or witch cut-outs to the walls, and ribbons and garlands, decorations with picks and sprays, wherever you need pops of color, or just to fill negative space.

Layer in height over the runner with Halloween accents like candlesticks, plaid and resin pumpkins, decorative cauldrons, mini trees, and small figures.

With the table set and the room prepared, we can now turn our attention to the most delicious part of the fest - the feast!

Frankenstein Halloween Party Desserts and Snacks

In this party, we did a lot of over-the-top eyeball-themed desserts. Once we started adding the eyes, we just couldn’t stop! We loved snacking

Frankenstein Rice Krispies and Treats Charcuterie

To make this super cute board, simply dip pre-made or home made rice crispy treats in white chocolate wafers that have been melted down with green food coloring. Chocolate sprinkles are the finishing touch for perfect hair and a mouth!

You can also dip peanut butter finger cookies for a ghostly look! Add a few powdered donuts with eyes and do chocolate cookies and peanut butter cup bats for more sweet treats!

Pumpkin Dip and Fruit

This pumpkin fruit dip was super satisfying to cut through all the sweets! It comes together in 5 minutes with just a few ingredients. You’ll need:

●1 can pumpkin puree

●8 oz cream cheese or coconut cream

●1 tbp cinnamon

●1 1/2 tsp vanilla extract

●1/2 cup powdered sugar

Mix everything together and serve at room temp with apples, graham crackers, nilla wafers, pretzels, and anything else you’d like!

Black and White Queso

Another easy visual solution is serving black bean tortilla chips with regular white queso. Simply chop extra avocado and top with corn salsa for a punch of color and a perfect web for the hanging spider!

Spider Sprinkle Cupcakes

Again, easy is the name of our game! Add lovely little Halloween sprinkles and fake spiders to delicious vanilla cupcakes for an absolutely adorable look everyone will love!

Hauntingly Fun Black and Orange Front Door Decor

While planning a spooktacular front door decoration, remember the importance of a well-lit pathway. This will ensure the safety of any trick-or-treaters or party-goers as they arrive while also deepening the mood and lighting of the setting, creating the perfectly spooky atmosphere. It’ll also make sure your outdoor Halloween decor gets noticed.

Orange, white, and purple make good colors for Halloween lighting, and our C9 LEDs are durable, long-lasting, and energy-efficient. They’re perfect for lining paths, trimming trees, spiraling up columns, framing doorways, and so much more. You can also go with pink C9s to enhance the effects of your pink Halloween decor if you want to go that route!

Here’s our look to greet our guests this year - a fun and bright Halloween Front Door Decor!

Your front door decor is your first chance to make an impression - so make it a good one! Fortunately, it’s surprisingly easy to pull off a show-stopping front door decoration with a few hand-selected bits of garland (Christmas greenery is adaptable as a Halloween decoration, here!), ribbon, black shatterproof ornaments, and sprays, complete with a Halloween wreath. If you’re going with the pink theme, you can add some pink ribbons, sprays, and ornaments, too, to add a nice touch. Black and pink go almost as nicely as black and orange!

The finishing touch on your front door display is the wreath - complete with one of our “The Neighbors Have the Good Candy” signs - although in this case, you can make your own home the one with the good candy!

Crafting a fun Halloween Decoration Theme and Halloween Party

We hope that this blog inspires you to have a very fun and spooky Halloween season! take a few of these ideas and celebrate with your family or go all out for a truly Spooktacular seasonal event!

And, when you’re all set, take pictures and share your Halloween decorations theme with us! Connect with us on our Facebook and Pinterest - we’d love to see what you create!