Elevate Your Home with Our Top 10 Spring Decorations

Mar 27th 2024

Spring has sprung! Can you feel it in the air? With it comes a wave of renewed energy and endless possibilities for refreshing your space.

Today, we're inviting you to fling open the windows (figuratively or literally) and embrace the joy of spring with ten standout spring decorations that will transform your space.

Think hanging cedar wreaths with a fun yet sophisticated velvet bow, delicate lavender wrapped in rustic burlap, and whimsical Easter bunnies bringing a touch of playful magic. From hydrangea sprays bursting with color to boxwood orbs adding a touch of sophisticated greenery, we've got something for every style and budget.

So, grab your favorite mug of spring tea, settle in, and get ready to release the fresh, cheerful energy of the season into your home!

Embracing the Season with Greenery and Florals

Let's start with the foundation of any great spring refresh: a touch of nature's vibrant energy! And what better way to do that than with stunning greenery and florals? Our first pick is sure to melt your heart (literally): the 22" Heart Shape Hanging Cedar Wreath with a Velvet Ribbon.

spring decorations

This wreath is a charming and versatile look!

The heart shape adds a touch of playful romance, the organic textures of the cedar contrasts with any accents beautifully - add the velvet ribbon and it’s a match made in heaven! It's the perfect way to welcome guests or add texture to your windows. Hang it on your front door, above your fireplace, or even in a window for a burst of greenery that brings the outdoors in.

Make Centerpieces or Wreaths

Spring's beauty isn't just for the outdoors. Let's bring its elegance inside with spring decoration pieces that transform your tabletops, shelves, and mantels into the perfect displays.

spring decorations

1. A Touch of Rustic Charm: 26" Thistle/Mixed Leaf Swag

This 26” Thistle/Mixed Leaf Swag adds a touch of rustic yet refined elegance to your indoor spaces. Place it above yourmantle or doorway for a touch of natural charm that complements both modern and traditional spring decor. Or let it cascade down a bookshelf or hang on your door for a touch of rustic elegance.

spring decorations

2. Gorgeous Minimalism: 30" Draping Fern Pick

Spring's greenery isn't just about bold bouquets. Sometimes, the most delicate touches bring the most impact. The 30" Draping Fern Pick, for instance, has a cascade of graceful, feathery ferns that add a touch of lushness to any arrangement. Use it as a centerpiece, in a simple vase for a minimalist look, or weave it into more elaborate arrangements for a fresher texture.

3. Charming Textures: 10" Simplicity Ceramic Pot with Butterfly Detail

Spring is a time for celebrating new beginnings, and what better way to do that than with butterflies. The 10" Simplicity Ceramic Pot with Butterfly Detail is a lovely accent piece with a smooth, white surface with a subtle, sponged texture, creating a clean and modern space for your spring decor blooms.

But the real magic lies in the delicate butterfly detail, a reminder that spring is a season of change and beauty.

Use this pot to display your favorite seasonal flowers, create a miniature herb garden, or let it stand alone as a piece of decorative art. It's the perfect blend of simplicity and charm, adding grace and elegance to any tabletop or shelf.

Inviting Spring Indoors

Spring's magic isn't confined to the outdoors. Let's invite its refreshing scents and vibrant colors inside, creating a seamless flow of seasonal beauty throughout your home.

1. Fun Rustic Charm:7.5” Lavender in Burlap Sack - Light Pink

When you need a piece that packs color, texture, and the feelings of spring, look no further than this 7.5” Lavender in Burlap Sack - Light Pink.

This delightful arrangement brings the beauty and fragrance of the season right into your home. Picture the soft, light pink blooms nestled within a burlap sack, adding a touch of rustic charm to your kitchen table, bookshelf, or bedside table.

2. Graceful Color: 14" Artificial Hydrangea/Berry Bush Spray

This lifelike 14" Artificial Hydrangea/Berry Bush Spray boasts stunning hydrangea blooms in a range of soft colors, alongside clusters of realistic berries, adding some beautiful texture and color to your spring decor.

Unlike their fresh counterparts, these artificial blooms won't wilt in the sun or succumb to the elements. They'll maintain their vibrant colors and lush appearance season after season, making them a practical and stylish choice for your spaces.

Imagine them nestled within a planter overflowing with greenery, infusing more spring colors to your porch railing, or even creating a charming centerpiece for your outdoor dining table. The possibilities are endless!

Easter Delights

Spring isn't just about blooming flowers and chirping birds; it's also a time for festive cheer and playful touches. Why not add a sprinkle of Easter magic to your outdoor spaces with the 10.2” B/O Lighted Plush Easter Bunny Gnome Figurine or Lighted Easter Bunny Gnome

These adorable figurines creates that burst of whimsical charm that brings joy to patios  entryways, or your bookshelves.. He's a little caretaker of spring cheer, spreading smiles and good vibes wherever he stands.

Must-Have Outdoor Spring Décor

Now, let's bring the magic of spring even further outside with two unique pieces that are both functional and stylish:

1. Make Your Yard Like Home: 13" Metal Hanging Watering Can Birdhouse

Spring means welcoming feathered friends back into our gardens, and what better way to do that than with the 13" Metal Hanging Watering Can Birdhouse.

This charming piece isn't just a birdhouse; it's a gorgeous work of art: a vintage-inspired watering can be transformed into a cozy haven for some sweet harbingers of spring.

Imagine wrens flitting in and out of the spout, or bluebirds perched on the roof, enjoying their spring sanctuary. This birdhouse adds a touch of nature-inspired fancy to your outdoor spaces, creating a delightful focal point that blends seamlessly with your spring décor.

spring decorations

2. Blooming Beauty: 37" Metal Umbrella Planter with Stand

Finally, let's add a bit more character and intrigue to your outdoor spaces with the 37" Metal Umbrella Planter with Stand. This unique piece isn't your average planter; it's a statement piece that will elevate your curb appeal and turn heads.

Imagine this cascading umbrella-shaped planter overflowing with vibrant blooms, its metal frame standing tall on a sturdy base. This planter will surely catch eyes as a work of art that will transform your porch, patio, or garden.

From the heart-warming style of a cedar wreath to the whimsical glow of an Easter gnome, our top 10 spring decorations bring so many delightful possibilities.

Dive deeper into the endless spring and Easter decor possibilities at Decorator's Warehouse! Discover boxwood orbs adding a touch of greenery, explore ceramic pots waiting to cradle your favorite blooms, and let our friendly staff guide you on your journey to creating a home that reflects the joy of the season.

Embrace the vibrant energy of spring and bring its melody indoors and out. Visit Decorator's Warehouse today and rediscover your personal style waiting to transform your space.

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