Christmas Decorating: Tips, Tricks, and Insight

Mar 29th 2024

The thought of Christmas decorating fills most of us with reverence, reminiscence, and boundless joy. As well it should, as the magic of Christmas is a beautiful thing for young and old to enjoy.

Yet, sometimes, the prospect of decorating a house also produces a tinge of anxiety, especially when you have to do it quickly or you don’t know what to use. We’re here to help you have your best Christmas yet with a few tips for your decorating journey!

Destress Your Tree Decorating Experience

One large and possibly overwhelming item for most interior decorators and homeowners is the Christmas tree. But, one amazing benefit we provide to help you get the wow factor isusing our designer-curated bundles!

Also, if you want to decorate with a new theme every year, you don’t have to change out the tree - just change out the ornaments, picks, ribbons, and other trappings, or cycle through new groupings of ornaments or ribbon! There are definite ways to recreate fresh looks without having to purchase new sets of everything each year.

For example, you can take a Classic Rustic Red and gold Christmas tree look to a completely Cozy Woodland look simply by using red ribbon in the tree one year, using primarily cream sprays, gold and red ornaments, and red florals and then switching to plaid ribbon and cream florals the next year for a woodland look. You can use the same larger ornaments and jingle bells while creating a whole new look. Strategizing how you change your decor helps you purchase the exact items you need to create your vision!

Christmas decorating

Christmas decorating

Make a Matching Centerpiece

Christmas decorating

Empty table space, especially in common areas, simply needs a centerpiece to bring the space to life. But the thing here is that centerpieces, especially pre-made arrangements, can be slightly expensive.

There’s a better way - just make it yourself - and there’s more than one way to do it!

One easy way to make a centerpiece is to start with a wreath. Lay it flat on the table and fill the center with pillar candles, resin sculpture, or even a vase or bowl full of pinecones or shatterproof ornaments.

You can also make a simple centerpiece with a bit of Christmas ribbon. Place three pillar candles of staggered heights in a triangular configuration and wrap the base with ribbon. You can also use a vase in the same manner, especially if you flank the base with Christmas greenery.

We absolutely love the simply exquisite look of using Norfolk Greenery down the center of a table and adding a few simple but sophisticated candle sticks for a look that will wow for years to come.

Christmas decorating

Christmas decorating

Or you can spice it up with a matching designer look using the same ribbon, florals, and sprays you choose for your tree!

Christmas decorating

These examples are only for inspiration and these are not hard or fast rules. Let your sense of creativity be your guide.

Upgrade to Cluster Twinkle Lights and LED Lights

If you’re still using incandescent lights and you’re looking for a replacement, consider energy-efficient LEDs, specifically cluster twinkle lights.

Modern LED lights like our twinkle lights are rock-solid and have nearly unbreakable lenses. They’re extremely durable and rated to more than 50,000 hours of life — for the span of use and lower energy costs, they are affordable and long-lasting, too, keeping costs down over the long term.

Christmas Ornament Sets

Christmas decorating

Another way to maker shopping for Christmas decorations a little easier is to buy Christmas ornament sets.

Many Christmas ornament sets are affordably priced and contain either multiple of the same design or several different ornaments that match a certain theme.

Another tip - buy high-quality shatterproof ornaments. They’re nearly indistinguishable from glass and since they won’t shatter, they’re much more durable. No more breaking out last year’s Christmas decorations only to find that some of the ornaments are no more!

Christmas decorating

Get Ready for Your BEST Christmas Ever!

Getting ready to start planning your vision for next season? Now’s the time to start, and armed with these tips and tricks, you can have your best Christmas ever, in less time!

Take some time to look through our Christmas ornament sets and ribbon, and don’t be afraid to upcycle and mix and match decorative elements as a part of your tree or centerpiece. The magic of Christmas is in the spirit of the season, and all it takes is a unique vision to make it come to life with the perfect decorations.

Make sure to share your creations on social media with us, too, and tag us with #dwchristmas for a chance to be featured!