A Fresh Take on Classic Christmas Ribbon: Believe Bundle Feature

Oct 10th 2023

It's almost that time of year again when the air turns crisper, and the scent of cinnamon and pine fills our homes. As we prepare to deck the halls, one quintessential element takes the stage when it comes to our holiday decor – Christmas ribbon.

Let's dive into the charming spirals of Christmas ribbons and discover how it can bring your tree to life!Believe Bundle Feature

How to Pick the Christmas Ribbon You Want to Use

Choosing the right Christmas ribbon is like selecting the perfect accessory for a fabulous outfit. One of the most amazing spots in the entire brick and mortar located in Arlington, TX is our ribbon room because you can get lost in the endless combinations and patterns. Selecting the right ribbon often provides the foundation for the other design elements of Christmas sprays, florals, and ornaments.

Our team believes in layering, and here we’ll share with you our little secret when it comes to layering those ribbons for an outstanding look!

  1. The Top Layer

Think of this as your statement piece. A showcase ribbon sets the tone for your tree. It's the star of the show, much like Santa often is on Christmas eve. For example, we love our Believe Christmas Ribbon — and many of you do too!It's definitely a headliner, featuring a beautifully embroidered Santa face and the word “Believe” scripted across the cream background to really capture the mood and essence of the holidays. But if you like a gold glam tree, more traditional velvet, or any other look, we have amazing ribbon designs for you to choose from.

2. The Supporting Ribbon

Your star ribbon needs its supporting cast. Use a solid texture or complementary patterned ribbon to create depth and texture. This ribbon is meant to beautifully complement the top layer, adding a richer texture and gracefulness to the entire ensemble.

3. The Accent Ribbon

Sometimes, you need a little something extra to make your tree pop, just like a bold accessory. Our Believe Bundle offers accents like the Houndstooth pom-pom trim ribbon, which adds a playful touch to your tree's theme and aesthetic. These accents create pops of color wherever you might have gaps or holes in your tree, bringing the entire look together with a cohesive feel.

How Much Ribbon You Need per Tree

Now, the big question everyone wants to know is — “How much Christmas ribbon should you use?” We recommend using enough ribbon to elegantly drape your tree, and a bit more for those perfect bows.

Here’s our Secret Recipe card to give you the right measurements for a full Christmas tree look.

Believe Bundle Feature

Remember, it's better to have a bit more than run out halfway through your decorating spree.

Why We Love the Believe Christmas Ribbon

Now, let's talk about why we highly recommend that you consider our Believe Ribbon or our Believe Red and Cream Decorating Bundle for your tree this Christmas.

Believe Bundle Feature

For starters, the gracefully scripted "Believe" script pattern and the beautifully embroidered Santa face on this ribbon is both simple yet remarkable. This is why we also recommend using two to three different ribbons.

You don’t want to overwhelm the eye with very busy designs. You want to create a balance between the simple and the complex. Ultimately, the variations will blend together seamlessly to create that grand Christmas look.

3 Types of Bows to Use Throughout Your Christmas Tree Design

Bows are the exclamation points of your Christmas tree; they stand out a lot more than any other ornament or spray. Here’s a great ribbon video tutorial to help you visualize these! Our favorite bows are perfect for filling out some of the gaps in your tree. Here are three types of bows we think you should consider for your tree:

1. Bow Tie Accent

This is the understated bow, a simple strip of ribbon artfully crafted into a bow tie. It's perfect for filling in gaps or adding a touch of color to specific areas of your tree.

Pro tip: Add a dovetail cut to the ends of the ribbon to get a professionally tailored look!

2. One Loop Bow Accent

These are ribbons folded into a single loop, creating a minimalist yet sophisticated bow. These accents offer a subtle elegance, perfect for any ribbon with any texture or theme.

3. Two Loop Traditional Bow Accent

When you want to go all out with your tree, the traditional bow with two loops is your go-to choice. This bow style commands attention and adds a sense of grandeur to your tree.

Christmas ribbons are the thread that weaves the magic of the season into your home. So, as you prepare and celebrate this season, let your creativity soar with the different Christmas tree bundles we have here at Decorator’s Warehouse.

Your tree is a canvas, and we’re excited to see what wonders you can do with our Believe Christmas Bundle. Here's to a holiday season filled with cherished moments and beautifully adorned trees!