17 Ways to Bring Christmas Touches into Your Kitchen Decor

Nov 16th 2023

You know it’s almost Christmas when you can’t help but start bringing out those baking sheets to bake some cookies. The kitchen is often the perfect place to really ramp up the Christmas spirit in your home. We’re answering the question “How Your kitchen for Christmas to visually bring out that holiday cheer? Today, join us as we unwrap the perfect recipe, transforming your kitchen into a festive sanctuary with these 17 quick fixes you can do to ramp up your Christmas kitchen decor. And what better theme than kitchen-inspired Gingerbread decor?

1. Themed Tree Magic

The heart of holiday decor often begins within a Christmas tree. As always, we can’t help but highly recommend and suggest bringing that magic into your kitchen with a themed tree

Imagine a gingerbread-themed tree adorned with the perfect Christmas ornaments and lights sitting in the corner of your kitchen. It doesn’t have to be huge. Because even a smaller kitchen Christmas tree can create a focal point that just radiates that holiday warmth and cheer.

2. Chairbacks: Mistletoe Magic

Another tip we can easily recommend is introducing color onto chairbacks using mistletoe bunches or miniature wreaths. A simple zip tie can help secure these festive accents to the backs of your chairs, making them a quick and easy way to extend the holiday spirit to every corner of your kitchen.  

3. Scatter Seasonal Wreaths

Christmas wreaths aren't just for doors. That’s why we recommend placing seasonal wreaths strategically. You could set them on top of cabinets, vent hoods, or even along your windows. This simple addition helps tie together the holiday theme throughout the kitchen. Consider matching garlands for an extra touch of festivity and elegance.

4. Roll Out those Ribbons

Christmas ribbons are your secret weapon for introducing pops of color. Depending on what theme you’re going for this year, you can easily create drapey bows to place on windows and add to small spaces like planters or your light fixtures using a simple zip-tie technique. It's an inexpensive yet effective way to infuse the kitchen with the perfect holiday vibe.

5. Seasonal Soap Switch

Small changes can make a big impact. One thing we propose is swapping out regular soap for a more seasonal scent. A winter pine-scented soap, paired with a festive boxwood accent, turns a functional item into a delightful décor.  

6. Towels Tell the Tale

Hand towels might seem mundane, but not during the holidays. Start swapping out your regular kitchen towels for playful, themed options. Bring out those red and white striped towels and drape over your sink counter for the perfect touch of playfulness. 

smaller kitchen

7. Comforting Candlelight

Scented candles are year-round companions, but just like your soaps, when the holidays come around, they can bring a warm and inviting scent to your kitchen. Seek out some holiday-themed scented candles to evoke that kitchen Christmas spirit. 

smaller kitchen

8. Enchanting Chandeliers

Your chandelier can be yet another avenue for festive decor. In our video tutorial, we give a little demonstration on how to circle those chandeliers with beautiful Christmas garlands and ribbon tails, creating an eye-catching and enchanting display that ties the room together. Our flocked Norfolk garland brings this look to life.  

smaller kitchen

9. Tantalizing Table Centerpieces

Anchoring your table with a festive centerpiece is yet another way to create a cohesive holiday look not just in your kitchen, but in your dining and living rooms as well. Glass Christmas ornaments can make for the perfect centerpieces when layered together with cohesive wreathes and ribbons. Make sure to tie your centerpiece’s theme in with your Christmas tree and other Christmas kitchen decor to create a unified look throughout your home.

10. Table Settings

Extend the holiday charm to your table settings. We recommend using themed plates and patterned napkins to create a cohesive and festive atmosphere for your dining experience.  

11. Add Ribbon to Chairbacks

If you are looking to bring some color into your dining area, we suggest wrapping chairbacks with festive ribbons. Simple knots and hanging tails can really make a difference in each chair’s impact without being too overwhelming. Choose your ribbon based on the style of your kitchen decor. 

smaller kitchen

12. Window Wreaths Wow

Windows are prime spaces for additional holiday decorations. We recommend using magic adhesives to add wreaths to windows, giving them a more lively and festive feel. It's one subtle yet impactful way to extend your holiday decor beyond the main kitchen area.  

smaller kitchen

13. Accent Pillows Perfection

Window seats are often overlooked, but not by us! Decorate them with accent pillows that follow the color scheme. It's a small touch that makes a big difference.

14. Tray and Accents Trick

Trays are pretty versatile decor elements. One way that you can use them is to try to bundle together different Christmas-themed elements such as Christmas photos, candles, and candy jars filled with peppermints, and set them all up inside the tray. Or, having a sweet Hot Chocolate bar is always a hit!

15. Family Photos Flourish

Personal touches make any space feel warmer. We highly recommend incorporating family photos into your holiday décor wherever you can. A glimpse into Christmases past helps bring out that festive atmosphere even more and adds a sense of nostalgia to your Christmas.

16. Nutcracker Delight

Nutcrackers aren't just for the living room. In our video tutorial, for example, we show how you can use a red and white Nutcracker to fill a space perfectly. With a bowl on top, it’s no longer just a visual treat, but a physical one as well where you can dip your hand in and come out with a handful of peppermints and candy.

17. Hot Chocolate Haven

A hot chocolate bar is the epitome of winter comfort, and we can’t help but suggest creating a warm and inviting hot chocolate station. Complete with a thematic sign, a variety of toppings, and seasonal mugs, it becomes a cozy corner that draws you in and encourages you to indulge even further in that holiday spirit.  

Infuse Your Home with the Perfect Christmas Kitchen Decor

All in all, these are just a handful of ideas that you can easily bring to life in your own kitchen. From themed trees to hot chocolate havens, each touch you bring into your kitchen can only add to the creativity in your home. Simple Ways to Add Christmas Decor to Your Kitchen Let the magic of Christmas infuse every corner! Turn your kitchen into the perfect parade for everything Christmas. After all, it's not just a kitchen; it's the heart of your home, especially during this magical season.