Operation Christmas Joy
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Our goal is to create a fun community that intentionally —
  • Honors your stories
  • Inspires action
  • Celebrates Christmas Joy
  • Wins prizes
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Over the next few months, simply upload your video or image responses to each holiday question of the week. For every upload, you'll get rewarded and earn 1 entry for the Ultimate Christmas Giveaway! Whether it's sharing a video of your favorite seasonal recipe or recording your favorite memory, we can't wait to share in your Christmas joy.
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"Give us your best theatrical reading from your favorite Christmas book!"
How to Enter
Read the challenge.
Share a video (under 1 minute) or an image that celebrates your stories! Be as creative as possible!
Share it with us!
Use the button below to send us your file — Simply add the video or image & hit upload!
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Check back often to see what others are sharing & get inpired for the best Christmas ever.
The Ultimate Christmas Giveaway

$3,000 DW Shopping Spree

1 Night at Loews Hotel in Arlington

A Basket of Our Favorite Things

$2,500 donation to Mission Arlington in your name!

Enjoy Weekly Rewards! Get a store credit each week for simply sharing your story!
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Check out all the inspiring stories, memories, and moments that will make you laugh, cry, and remember why the holidays are the best time of the year.
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