Christmas Flowers

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Christmas flowers are a wonderful way to bring extra life to your Christmas décor this season.  Add a pop of color and new and interesting textures to a variety of Christmas decorations. Our large array of colorful, popular Christmas flower ornaments provide you with endless decorating options and possibilities. With flowers varying in size, petal shape, texture, finish, color, material, and pattern, you are sure to find some, or many, Christmas flowers to suit your holiday decorating style. Browse the Decorator’s Warehouse website for endless decorative flower arrangements and options or visit our in-person store to get hands-on with our gorgeous collection of flowers. We have flowers that range from realistic to whimsical in order to fit your style, whatever that may be. Our Christmas tree flowers at Decorator's Warehouse pair perfectly with our other Christmas decorating accessories and materials to create unique and beautiful Christmas decorations of different varieties. Our decorative faux flowers are not just good for decorating around the house, they also make beautiful additions to gift wrappings during the holiday season. They’re great for adding a nice accent to the Christmas tree or just to put the finishing touch on a wrapped Christmas gift, basket, or bag. These attractive Christmas flower decorations make a timeless and beautiful addition to your home Christmas décor as well as add dimension and individuality to wrapped presents.


Christmas Flowers

Try pairing some Christmas flowers with Decorators Warehouse garland to spice up the mantle in the living room for the holidays. Create an individualized faux bouquet to place on top of a freshly wrapped Christmas gift in place of a bow. You can even add an array of flowers directly to your Christmas tree for a pop of color, dimension, and texture to make any room come to life this Christmas season.

Choose from different flower sizes

We offer flowers with short petals, long petals, wide petals, and slim petals.

Pick a color… we have plenty to choose from

Some of our color choices include shades of red, green, blue, purple, and pink among many others.

All the beauty of real flowers without the upkeep

Our lifelike Christmas flowers come in variations modeled after the classic Christmas flower, the Poinsettia, for a maintenance-free way to add some festive fauna to your decorations this year.

Pick from numerous textures and finishes to find the perfect flower, or flowers, to fit your decorating style

Some of the different flower textures and finishes that we have to choose from include metallic finishes for a striking look, neutral burlap flowers for a more muted and natural vibe, glitter coatings to add some glam, as well as charmingly classic velvet-petalled flowers for a more traditional look.

Regardless of your decorating style, we have Christmas flowers for you. Order online or come in the store today to browse our collection.