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With all of the amazing decorating potential offered by the holiday season, we know it can be challenging to not just grab everything that catches your eye. However, for those who are on a bit of a budget this Christmas, Dave’s put together a few unique Christmas decoration deals that are too good to pass up!


Discount Christmas Ribbon

Christmas ribbons are perfect for adding some subtle holiday flair to an area or putting the finishing touches on your Christmas trees or gifts. Red and green ribbons allow you to keep with the tradition of the season. White and platinum ribbons will provide a more neutral accent that balances well with any other colors you use. Rustic ribbons can have modern patterns but have the charm of a down-home Christmas reminiscent of the past. A few rolls of ribbons could be the perfect discount Christmas decorations for you!

Discount Christmas Flower

Christmas flowers are great at bringing in the feeling of “nature” to the home. If you haven’t seen a discounted Christmas flower, prepare to be surprised in that they’re equally lovely as their full-priced counterparts! Place them on trees, in the centers of displays, above entrances, near windows, and wherever else could use that bit of “natural” touch. Red and green flowers are very traditional, while there are also plaid Christmas flowers for a more rustic Christmas look. For discounted holiday flowers, keeping their “fresh” look is simple enough as you can use them year after year without the hassle of bulky Christmas storage concerns.

Discount Christmas Sprays

Christmas sprays are similar to flowers in that they frequently incorporate natural themes, but their shape and style allow for them to act as an antenna for holiday cheer! Green and red Christmas sprays have the perfect balance of colors to match your evergreen, while platinum sprays go well with a white-out Christmas theme. There are also fall sprays that incorporate leaves, berries, pinecones, and more! When looking for Christmas decorations on sale, sprays have such a wide use range that they’re frequently some of the best budget Christmas options around.

Discount Christmas Ornaments

There are few things more useful for decorating a Christmas tree than a set of the best Christmas ornaments! Dave’s put together these discount holiday decorations for your family’s enjoyment. Santa Claus ornaments are a great way to greet the jolly North Pole resident as he delivers your house’s presents this year, and he can be accompanied by reindeer ornaments, snowmen ornaments, gingerbread ornaments, elf ornaments, and more holiday friends! Green and red ornaments, either glossy or matte, can be hung on the tree by everyone. Blue and yellow ornaments are nice contrasts for a white Christmas tree, though platinum ornaments also make for a stunning option.

Discount Christmas Garlands

Garland, much like an unknown chain, can be used to link themes together and even support ornaments and other decorations! Discount Christmas garlands weave through your family’s life to pull everyone together to decorate your home for the holidays. Red and green garland has a great use case for those looking for old-school color schemes, while platinum garland adds a bit of sophistication and natural elegance. Discounted holiday garlands also come in fall themes with orange and ruddy leaves, berries, and more.

Discount Christmas Signs

Welcome your friends and family to your holiday haven with one of Dave’s discounted Christmas signs! Hang them inside or outside; they make great gifts too for those living in apartments or students that might be spending the season away from family. Just hang a Christmas sign on the door and add a bit of personality to any entrance! Decorator’s Warehouse carries Santa Claus signs, reindeer signs, elf signs, snowmen signs, signs with welcoming and greeting calligraphy, and more!