Your Favorite Christmas Store on Good Morning America!

Sep 22nd 2023

Exciting News: Our Christmas Store Makes a Star Appearance on Good Morning America!

The twinkling lights are up, our displays are complete, and there's a hint of festive magic in the air – it's that time of year again when our Christmas store, Decorator's Warehouse,  comes to life with the spirit of the season. But this year, there's an extra special reason for us to deck the halls and spread the holiday cheer, because our little haven of holiday magic just made its grand debut on none other than Good Morning America!

Yes, you heard that correctly! We were ecstatic when we received the phone call from GMA host and Arlington native, Will Ganss, expressing his desire to film a segment on Christmas in July! Just two short days later, he arrived with his crew and set about making merry magic all through the store. 

The total segment took about 3 hours to film and included interviews with our owner Dave, several of our teammates and customers who had traveled from all over the state of Texas to share their love of DW on air. We had a total blast filming it! WIll and his crew were so much fun and made this experience so delightful.

See a few of the behind the scenes clips here

After the original segment aired, we received another phone call from Will. The original segment had been a hit and they had so much great footage that they wanted to air a SECOND segment. We were floored! Being on national TV was a bucket list item that we were finally getting to check off. 

Here is the original segment. The original segment was wonderful - it touched on Christmas in July and how people were beating the heat and starting to shop earlier. They also shared how holiday celebrations can create a lift in mood.

For the second segment of the show, the cameras rolled a little longer, offering a more intimate look at our beloved Christmas store. Good Morning America captured the essence of our store through engaging interviews with our dedicated staff, who shared their insights on holiday trends. Customers, too, joined in the conversation, expressing their fondness for the store and the unique, nostalgic charm it brings to their Christmas traditions. 

Thank you so much to Good Morning America for featuring our business and to all of our amazing clients who watched the segment and cheered us on!