What Makes Decorator's Warehouse Your Ultimate Christmas Tree Destination

Jan 31st 2024

Whenever you think about Christmas, what’s usually the first thing that comes to mind? Family, friends, the greatest gift humankind has ever known! And then there’s all the fun with presents and making memories around the Christmas tree.

Christmas trees will always be at the center of our holiday stories and making memories in the season. And when it comes to finding premium Christmas trees, we’d like to think that we’re your go-to destination.

Christmas tree decorating bundles

What Makes Decorator’s Warehouse THE Christmas Tree Store?

Exclusive Selection

Decorator’s Warehouse is the premier destination to get your Christmas tree! With over 130+ styles available in store, you will not find a selection as wide and extensive as ours.

Christmas tree decorating bundles

In fact, many of our clientele travel from out of state to visit both the store and the trees with the intent to bring one home. We offer a wider and more diverse selection of Christmas trees and Christmas tree decorating bundles than most other retailers, both locally and nationally. And our focus on premium quality ensures these trees are built to last. You know when you purchase from us you will be backed by unparalleled service and some of the deepest industry expertise out there.

The advantage that in-store visits give our customers is that they’re able to see for themselves the quality and size of the trees available, and hopefully find the one that will fit perfectly into their home.

Additionally, an in-store visit also gives you the opportunity to get personalized assistance from our very knowledgeable staff. Our team stands ready to serve you and to help you find the perfect match for your home.

Exceptional Range and Quality of Trees

When people think about Christmas trees, not everyone has a very clear idea of what they’re looking for exactly. And when you choose to just shop at an online Christmas tree store, you don’t always get the best look at what it is you’re buying.

Christmas tree decorating bundles

At Decorator’s Warehouse, we have over 130 styles of Christmas trees available in-store, ranging from traditional to specialty trees, and available in various heights. The life-like needles in our trees are an exact imprint taken from real trees, made with the highest quality materials. It’s this lifelike appearance that sets these trees apart from others you’ll find in the market.

Christmas tree decorating bundles

So, if you’re looking for Christmas trees with realistic foliage and sturdy construction, our Christmas tree store holds the perfect kind for you!

Lights and Warranties

We offer the best warranties on our Christmas trees, so you can rest assured knowing the construction of your tree, as well as the Christmas lights are backed by some of the longest warranties in the industry..

Christmas tree decorating bundles

But just so that your big day for decorating isn’t delayed, take some time a few days before you plan to set up your Christmas tree to give your lights a test run. Plug them in, quickly scan your tree and make sure there aren’t any burnt out bulbs. If you find any, replace them immediately to ensure all of the lights continue to work. But if you do struggle with getting your tree to light, you can bring the tree in and let our team take a look at our free diagnostic center. This is a free service that we never charge our customers for. .

Make Decorator’s Warehouse Your Primary Christmas Tree Store Destination

There’s nothing that brings in that Christmas spirit more than the perfect Christmas tree. With more than three decades of experience in the Christmas tree business, you can rest assured that we have a great understanding of what goes into creating the most beautiful, long-lasting, true-to-life looking trees that you won’t find anywhere else in the country.

If you haven’t yet had the opportunity to visit us here in Texas, we highly encourage you to plan a visit before you start the holiday decorating. Drop by anytime—so that you can gain even more inspiration from the holiday atmosphere. There’s nothing that beats exploring our exquisite collection firsthand and in-person!

More than anything, we love seeing our customers’ faces just light up whenever they walk into our Christmas tree store. So make sure you take a video of you and your kids' reactions when you drop by, and tag us or use #DWChristmas so that we can also share in the joy that Christmas brings.