How To Choose an Artificial Christmas Tree

Mar 23rd 2020

There are a lot of factors to consider when picking out a tree that your family will enjoy for years to come, but it doesn't have to be hard! Today we are here to walk you through how to choose an artificial Christmas tree for your home. 

1.) Consider your Ceiling Height

When buying a Christmas tree, it is important to consider the space where it will be displayed. Your tree is the heart of your holiday home and you want the scale of the tree to be an ideal fit for the room. We carry a large range of sizes from tabletop, all the way to 14’ and recommend that your tree is at least 6” less than your ceiling height so that it is able to accommodate a topper. For example, if you have 8’ ceilings, a 7 ½’ tree would be a good fit for your room. If you have a large space with tall ceilings, choose something larger, like 9’-14’, so that it will not be dwarfed by the room. Our 9′ Neumantrees have a Versatree feature that allows you to remove one or two sections to create either a 5’, 7’, 9’ tree. This gives you flexibility down the road if you choose to move the tree to a different location.

2.) Consider the diameter of the space where you will place your tree

The next thing we recommend is measuring the diameter of the space you plan to put your tree, so that you know the maximum size your room can accommodate. Trees can look different in our showroom versus your home, so it is important to gather this information before you shop or bring pictures so we can help you find the best fit for your home. Trees come in three varieties, full, mid size and slim. Find the variety that will most fully fill your space.

3.) Consider your Style

What are you looking for in an artificial Christmas tree? Are you looking for a tree that matches the live trees you had growing up in the north? Do you want the most heavily lit tree on the market? Does an icy flocked tree make your heart swoon?

There are so many different aesthetics to consider when choosing the right tree for you. A molded needle tree will be the most realistic looking tree on the market. Actual molds of pine needles are used to create extremely life like foliage that is completely inspired by nature.

Traditional PVC trees are great options as well. These trees have thick needles that make it easy to decorate, as you can use the branches of the tree itself to secure ribbon, hold florals, and support your ornaments. Our PVC trees use the heaviest grade of PVC which ensures that year after year your tree will look just like it did when you bought it. A heavy grade PVC will bounce back and maintain it’s shape, while having extremely minimal shedding.

Do you like the lights to be the showstopper on your tree? Consider a tree that is prelit with cluster lights. With as many, as 10,000 lights, no décor or minimal décor is needed! This is perfect to create ambient lighting in your home or to use in your business.

Flocked trees have recently grown in popularity. With varieties ranging from light frosting to heavily flocked, these trees are gorgeous and create contrast for those who like to decorate with color, or stay neutral by using this as a backdrop for a snowy scene.

4.) Look for a tree that is high quality

How long do you intend on keeping your tree? It is easy to find an “inexpensive” tree out there that might get you through the season, but a high quality tree is an investment that will give you years and years of use. One thing that we frequently hear from our customers is that they save money in the long run by buying a tree that is high quality, because they are not having to replace it year after year. A high quality tree will have a good lighting system. If one bulb burns out, your tree should stay lit. This modern technology allows the electric currents to bypass the burnt out filament, by way of a shunt. Burnt out bulbs can then be replaced, which allows you to get even more years of use from your tree. A high quality tree will also come with a warranty that allows you peace of mind that you will get years of use out of your investment. Look for a company that is local rather than purchasing from an online retailer. It is costly to ship trees back and forth. If there is a problem, you are at the liberty of the company to determine if it is your problem or theirs. You can easily rack up 100s of dollars in shipping fees and might still find yourself with a problem on your hands. When you buy from Decorator’s Warehouse, you can buy with confidence that you will be backed by a company that has nearly 3 decades of experience in the Christmas industry. We love the opportunity to serve our customers and will make sure you receive the best customer care possible!

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