Elegant Easter Decoration Ideas

Mar 28th 2024

Around here, we love Christmas! The trees, the lights, the ornaments, the cute figurines, and most importantly, the magic of it all. You know, it’s the most wonderful time of the year, and we weren’t even the first to say it! But we love celebrating all the holidays as BIG and as beautifully as we can. Our mission is to deliver joy to the world and we do this by helping you set the rooms and moments that turn into memories!

With Easter decoration ideas like these, it’s easy to see the magic of spring and Easter come alive!

Pretty in Pastels

Easter decoration

First, a note: if you’re going to decorate for Easter, we adore sticking to the Easter (and spring colors). These are the pastels - all colors work, but purples, pinks, baby blues, light greens, and yellows are the best.

Easter decoration

Aside from pastel colors, one thing you just can’t go wrong with for Easter decorating is the bunny motif, and we have a lot to choose from.

Easter decoration

We love providing a good selection of plush and resin bunny figurines, so you have a one-stop-shop to find exactly what you need for your delightful space.

Easter decoration

Be it a counter, a bookshelf, a desk, an end table, a mantel, on top of a clock, or just on a night stand, the addition of a bunny figurine will make a space feel warmer and cozier...

Easter decoration

These cute gnome-themed Easter bunnies and gnomes are so fun and a special way to get the littles in your life involved! They’ll carry these cute ones around and would love to see one in their Easter baskets!

Spring Picks, Florals, and Greenery

Aside from bunnies, spring florals might be the single most versatile category of Easter decorations, and you can use them as general spring-themed decor too.

Easter decoration

Decorating with them is easy. One quick trick is to get a decorative pail or watering can and fill it up with spring picks and greenery. This makes a natural centerpiece and can add pops of color to nearly any room or porch.

Easter decoration

Another trick, if you don’t have a pail or watering can, is to use floral foam; you can basically hide this in any container and press the stem of the greenery/floral/pick into it to secure it in place.

And, the great thing about spring florals and greenery is that they never fade and require no sun or water - making them maintenance-free while providing a cost-effective, evergreen avenue for spring and Easter decorating, season after season.

Easter decoration

Pastel Easter Wall Decor

Easter decoration

Wall art is among the most effective, albeit understated, category of Easter art and decorating. It is effective, visible, affordable, and can change the entire character of a room with the simple addition. On top of that, wall art is generally easier to store, in less space, than other Easter decorations and can be placed on a front door or the interior of your home.

Easter decoration

We curate a wide range of faith-inspired Easter decorations here, which is nice for those who are celebrating Jesus. This is, first and foremost, a holiday to celebrate the miracle of new life - and much of our Easter wall art reflects that (check out our He Is Risen and Amazing Grace wall signs!)

Easter decoration

For the Love of Baskets and Vases

Easter decoration

Some of the Easter decorations we sell here, like decorative eggs and orbs, look just fine on their own when artistically positioned on shelves and coves - and that is one way to use them, but we have a better trick.

Get a clear glass vase, a glass bowl, or a wicker basket - They are inexpensive if you do your shopping right.

Then, fill one of these up with egg decorations, decorative orbs, and other accents - these make natural centerpieces for tables and naturally have a strong spring spirit. Shatterproof ornaments in bowls, baskets and vases will also look nice if they are of an appropriate motif or color.

Easter decoration

Easter Ribbon for the Win

We also offer a wide range of Easter-inspired ribbon here on our website and in our store that is perfect for decorating your other accents.

One creative way to decorate with Easter ribbon is to use it to accent a green spring wreath. Create a bow and use it on the wreath or just weave it in and out of the wreath before hanging on a wall, door, or in a window - that spreads instant spring cheer.

The Blank Canvases

We have some last-minute suggestions for you to put into action this spring. Before you get started decorating for spring or Easter, start to look for the blank canvases.

See a whole bunch of blank wall space? That’s a great candidate for some wall art, even if the rest of the room is decorated.

Other places to look include alcoves, shelves, bookcases, consoles, tables (including dining and end tables which look great with improvised centerpieces), as well as desks.

Easter decoration

Your sofas, couches, and other seating areas also present a prime opportunity to create a bright and welcoming spring atmosphere with a throw or some spring-themed pillows.

Doors and windows, too, are blank canvases just asking for a spring wreath ornamented with some Easter-themed ribbon.

Your Best Easter Ever Starts NOW!

Easter decoration

Ready to have your best Easter EVER? It starts here at Decorator’s Warehouse with a little help from our Easter Collection.

Take a look through, follow us on our social media accounts and check out our YouTube for more inspiration, and make sure to tag us with #dwchristmas with a chance to be featured - even if it’s for Easter.