5 Delightful Looks for your Gold Decorative Christmas Tree

Jan 15th 2024

When you think about a gold Christmas tree, it may be something you’ve dreamed of for a while, but you don’t know how to get the look exactly where you want it. We want you to feel confident and capable of putting this look together with some of the best inspiration and step-by-step instructions to give you the tools you need! 

Our Top Five Gold Christmas Tree Designs

Gold Christmas trees can vary depending on the homeowner's taste and preferences. Some people prefer a full tree covered in gold ornaments, while others may choose to use gold accents on a more natural tree. There are many different ways to incorporate gold into a Christmas tree, and no two trees will look exactly alike. Here are our Top Five Faves for you to enjoy!

Decorative Christmas Tree

Decorative Christmas Tree

Decorative Christmas Tree

Decorative Christmas Tree

Gold decorations can add a touch of luxury and elegance to any home, and they are sure to impress guests during the holidays. Whether you choose a simple or elaborate design this Christmas tree theme is sure to be a centerpiece of your home during the festive season.

With our easy-to-follow 4-step process you'll be crafting a gold decorative Christmas tree that’s dressed to impress in no time!

The 4-Step Process for You!

If you’ve never met us before, we wanted to introduce ourselves!  Decorator's Warehouse is leading the way in providing beautiful but attainable Christmas décor, and we are passionate about helping you create beautiful holiday displays. Kristin, our resident decorating expert will walk you through the 4-step process to creating a stunning Christmas tree!

Decorative Christmas Tree

First, we'll top your creation with a dazzling gold Christmas tree topper. Next, we'll weave some texture in with a base layer of ribbons and picks. After that, we'll introduce a curated collection of artificial flowers and sprays, and floral clusters in shimmering gold, champagne, and ivory hues. And then finally, it's time for the ornament extravaganza!

Following these steps, you'll be crafting a gold decorative Christmas tree that isn't just visually stunning, but also harmonious and cohesive. Each element plays a role in the overall design, creating a symphony of textures, colors, and light that will bring the most magical setting to your home!

So, channel your inner interior designer, embrace the magic of gold, and get ready to transform your simple fir into a glittering masterpiece! Scroll to keep reading and find the entire tutorial at the end!

Step-by-Step Guide to Crafting a Gold Decorative Christmas Tree

Decorative Christmas Tree

Step 1: The Christmas Tree Topper

Start by selecting about 5 different types of sprays, perhaps some glistening berries and sparkling leaves. Take 3 of each type and then gently combine and intertwine them atop your tree. Remember, balance is key.! Secure your creation to the top of your tree, and watch it bask in the spotlight.

Decorative Christmas Tree

Step 2: Intertwining Ribbons

Let's add some movement and texture with our golden thread – the ribbons! Choosing 2-3 stunning, textured ribbons in warm gold or rich champagne, will allow the subtle metallic accents to really bring this look together. We have a few easy-to-follow tutorials that will make this simple for you to do — it just might become the best part of your decorating experience!

Remember, even distribution is key. Avoid crowding any one area, and let the ribbons guide the eye upward, drawing attention to each focal point, and creating some outlines for the rest of the decor!

Step 3: Adding Sprays, Floral Clusters, and Flowers

Time to introduce some more texture and color! Grab several more sprays and bring in the floral magic! Place the floral clusters strategically throughout the tree, focusing on filling any gaps and adding depth.

Decorative Christmas Tree

Decorative Christmas Tree

Step 4: Incorporating Large Shatterproof Ornaments and Other Ornaments

Time to introduce your collection of larger shatterproof ornaments in glorious golds, pearls, and clear glass. Choose a variety of shapes and sizes, and hang them thoughtfully throughout the tree, ensuring they complement the existing elements. We love sitting the larger ornaments in the tree and using the more delicate ornaments to complement the outer branches!

Decorative Christmas Tree

Your Golden Christmas Tree For 2024

There you have it, friends! From the cascading spray topper to the final twinkling ornament, you've woven your very own symphony of gold.

Each step, from the textured base layer to the strategically placed floral clusters, has played its part in crafting a Christmas tree that's not just beautiful, but harmonious. You can achieve creating a festive vision that will leave your guests breathless and your heart brimming with Christmas cheer.

Remember, this isn't just a set of rules – it's an invitation to unleash your creativity! Add your own personal touch! Let your imagination be your guide, and watch your golden masterpiece come alive.

Make It Yours, Make It Gold

Ready to make this gold decorative Christmas tree yours? Decorator's Warehouse has everything you need!

We have a dazzling array of gold-hued ornaments, from shimmering globes to intricate snowflakes, all waiting to become part of your holiday masterpiece. Weave in luxurious ribbons, textured picks, and frosted branches – we have everything you need to create a tree that's uniquely you.

We can't wait to see your sparkling trees, your playful ornaments, and the magic you create (tag us or use #DWChristmas). You might even see your dazzling design featured on social media.We'll be here, cheering you on every step of the way!