48+ Inspirations and Christmas Tree Themes to Love!

Oct 28th 2021

If you're anything like me, the Christmas tunes are flowing, and you may be contemplating setting up a Christmas tree — or two! 

Since Christmas is on repeat all year long for us, our Decorator's Warehouse learn has learned to dive in and embracing the beauty, joy, and charm. We're thrilled to share some top Christmas tree themes to help you — whether you're decorating now or in a month from now!

A quick comment for this year — we want it to be the best Christmas ever for you and your family! Nothing is off limits — let your imagination soar with the possibilities and get excited to try something new. We're loving the rustic and elegant as well as the playful and fun. 

Our favorite Christmas Tree Themes

We're starting the list with a Holly Jolly Christmas tree! This cheerful yet sentimental take gives you all the traditional colors with plaid and pops of green and red. Jingles bells, wooden ornaments, and berries upon berries makes this a stunning Christmas tree display

The Cardinal Tree has muted tones with red and natural green accents. We love how the oversized signs and large ornaments balance the red and burlap ribbons, while making a simply gorgeous statement. For added elegance, a beautiful garland with ribbon and flowers is just the right touch to complete the Christmas look. 

Traditional buffalo check with oversized jingles bells, wrapped presents, and cotton with red berry picks accentuates the Farmhouse appeal in just the right ways. A natural looking garland with more jingle bells balances the entire Christmas decor display. The Snowberry Christmas tree theme brings cozy warm accents with red, black, and white vibes for a vibrant yet charming spin on a farmhouse Christmas look. Don't you just love that layered ribbon?!

Snowberry Christmas

The Nutcracker Christmas tree is a stately and regal mixture take with red, navy, green, black, and gold tones. It turns your room into a musical tribute that nods to sophisticated charm. 

Our Classic Christmas tree pairs elegant red and gold with traditional velvet and bright greens to add warmth and nostalgia to your Christmas festivities. Some of the best Christmas tree themes come from taking the existing colors you have and layering gorgeous elements, like your spray topper, ribbon, bows, and ornaments to accent throughout!

Fresh Cut Christmas reminds you of a walk in the woods on a snowy evening. From the natural pine to the seemingly fresh cut berry sprays, you have a gorgeous yet subdued timeless Christmas tree to enjoy.

A little holiday sparkle may cheer even the most grinch-like among us! From the deep emerald green ribbons and baubles to the gorgeous poinsettias, this is a truly magnificent Christmas tree display for the most magical time of the year. 

Bright Green and Red Christmas Theme

Have yourself a white Christmas with these luxurious ribbons, sprays, and oversized navy and white florals. We know that so many of you have jumped on this Navy Christmas tree trend and are loving the plays on contrast!

This stunning Natural Elegance Christmas tree has a life of its own with glittering gold and champagne accents. This stunning tree looks regal with leaves, florals, and ornaments that bring the entire look together. And we can't help but shout out the Nutcracker, who does his duty bringing joy to the tree and all who pass by!

This elf and peppermint vibes give this tree a fun and life-like magic. You can almost see the elves diving in to play a game of hide-and-seek in the workshop!

Our kitchen Christmas trees are some of our favorites - with plenty of gingerbread men, peppermints, and marshmallows, you can't resist this joyful and lighthearted Christmas tree!

Our navy and red Christmas tree design brings natural elements, plaid, and gold to life for a laid-back yet sophisticated look. You can't go wrong by choosing the best ribbon and brining in all the right elements to complement the color scheme. 

This charming Santa and Snowmen Christmas tree theme capitalizes on some fun looking characters with this red and white Christmas color scheme! Gather all the best fun ribbons, sprays, candy and striped accents for a playful vibe.

We know some of you have been waiting for this. A modern pastel colored Christmas tree theme is just what the extra sweet people ordered! The best eggshell, pink, and cream colors blend with whites and pops of hot pink to bring joy every day.

And last but not least, this woodland tree brings out all the stops with layers upon layers of birch and plaid, gleaming cream and white berries, and beautifully textured florals and bells. Some natural green elements are just the right contrasting finish for this beautiful Christmas tree!

We hope you take all the inspiring Christmas tree themes you find here and make something magical with your home! Celebrate the small and big moments and savor every bit of the season with your friends and loved ones. 

Because, it's going to be the best Christmas ever!