Fall Wreaths

Each branch is woven together as a symbol of never-ending bounty; the circle of a fall wreath reminds one of the circle of life and change along with the harvest of autumn. Perfect for display both inside and outside, these natural-themed holiday displays can add a touch of color and tradition wherever they’re used. The best autumn wreaths have been carefully selected for balance, color, size, and versatility by the holiday decor experts of Decorator’s Warehouse.

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Autumn Wreaths

Our autumn wreath collection presents decorators with the chance to embrace the rustic with cotton fall door wreaths. Their white and gold-brown colors are perfect for year-round, down-home decorating. For those looking for traditional colors in their wreaths, our fall leaf wreath series presents almost everything from a rainbow. Smoldering reds and pumpkin oranges, yellow and green leaves paired with purple-brown berries and more, all with different intensities to match the location where they’re displayed. These make perfect autumn wreaths for the front door. Thanksgiving wreaths, each with little pumpkins and branches representing friends and family alike, look realistic enough to bake into a pie.

Want to put a ring around the entire concept? Check out our Fall Collection for fall Sprays, autumn accents, fall garlands, Thanksgiving ribbon, and more. Every item is of the highest quality and chosen for perfect theming.

Want some extra help bringing in the decorating harvest this year? Call or email our home holiday decorating staff and embrace the changing of the seasons!