Creating a Farmhouse Mantle with Christmas Bell Garland

Oct 20th 2020

Creating a Farmhouse Mantle Garland with Christmas Bells

As we’re inching closer to the holiday season, our local Arlington, TX shop and online store are filling both fall and Christmas orders. It’s our privilege to help families across America celebrate the changing seasons!

We love seeing the Christmas trends being added to your home decor. And we are eagerly anticipating the full swing of the holiday season and all the festive images being added to  Instagram daily.

Decorator’s Warehouse Design School

In our first episode, we took a plain lantern and transformed it into a  glowing showstopper for both fall and Christmas decor. A lantern swag is the perfect complementary element for your living room design. It can be used as it’s own focal piece in many places throughout your home.

Last week, we brought the  glam tree back with an exceptional platinum, white, and gold look. In today’s episode, we’re crafting a stunning farmhouse mantle with the ever-popular oversized and galvanized jingle bells.

These Christmas bells are making their way into every aspect of rustic and farmhouse decor because they are so versatile and give a nod to the historic charm in home decor. From your Christmas tree to your front door decor, the uses are endless!

Episode #3 - Creating a Farmhouse-inspired Jingle Bell Garland

If you like a rustic or farmhouse style for your decor, this garland is for you! The cherry-red plaid ribbon mixed with galvanized metal brings all the charm and traditional pops of color. With this farmhouse mantel theme, you will bring in some warmth and focus to your living room for the holiday season. And if you have a different theme in mind, you can still use this tutorial to get direction for the garland’s arrangement as well as some other fun techniques.

At Decorators, our goal is to give you the tools and tips to bring your holiday vision to life. View Kristin’s fireplace mantel garland tutorial below — and reference the instructions listed after it!

To get this look you can shop these pieces online or in-store:

(1)  LED Belgium Garland (2) Pine Garland with Berry Cone

(1)  Wool Plaid Ribbon (4) Small Jingle Bell

(3)  Medium Jingle Bell (4) Berry Spray

Additional Supplies Needed: Scissors, Hot Glue Gun, Nails or Command hooks

1. Hang the Garland base.

  • Install nails or adhesive hooks on the left, right and center of the mantle.

  • Find the center of the garland and hang over the center nail.

  • Wrap a branch of greenery around the nail. Repeat on each side of the mantle. Be sure to leave some slack in the garland and leave about a foot hanging down on both sides.

  • Fluff the garland as needed.

  • Add the pre-made pine textured garland over the pre-lit. Lay the center of the second garland over the PVC of the first. Entwine the garlands together to secure in place. Continue weaving it through the entire piece. 

  • Kristin’s Tip: The total pine garland length is 3 feet longer than the pre-lit — you can cut the excess and use it in other decorations.

    2. Incorporate the Jingle Bells.

  • You will have two bells on either side with a grouping of three in the middle. 

  • On the edges of the mantle, hang the larger on the outside and the smaller on the inside.

  • In the center, hang the larger in the middle and the two smaller on the sides.

    3. Weave the ribbon throughout the garland.

  • When adding the ribbon, leave a tail at the bottom left — about 8 inches long. Use greenery to support in place and add a decorative fishtail cut (fold and cut diagonally). 

  • Use about 24-inches to create the first two loops on the bottom left, swooping to connect below the center bells. 

  • Kristin’s Tip: Cut your ribbon after every two loops to add some decorative tails and make it easier to work with.

  • Start on the next set of loops midway through the first, incorporating it on the top of the garland. Leave a tail on the top, and using about 24 inches to weave through, creating two loops to the center group of bells. Leave another tail and cut another decorative fishtail.

  • Repeat on the right side, looking to create balance with the loops.

  • Kristin’s Tip:
    Be sure to leave a bit of dimension by pulling the ribbon out toward you.

    4. If desired, add in pieces of red berry as filler.

  • Find the natural breaks and cut into multiple pieces. 

  • Add the berries throughout the garland, creating balance with the textures and colors.

  • And there you have a Christmas mantle decor piece that can create warmth in your home for years to come! This beautiful farmhouse piece has rustic charm and appeal that can be used with a variety of colors. Let us know if you have any questions about the tutorial or if we can help you create your own look in-store!

    Don’t forget to show us how you are bringing your own designs to life, using the hashtag #dwchristmas.