Creating a Glam Tree Look in 4 Easy Steps

Oct 14th 2020

One of the staple elements for Christmas decor in the 90s was the unforgettable white artificial Christmas tree. Take that coupled with tinsel and a few bold color schemes, and you had an on-trend piece, lit with that eye-catching bold look. It was as familiar as canopy beds, wicker, and pastels.

There may be parts of past childhoods that are creeping back into current design choices!

While the white Christmas tree may not have delivered every ounce of glam that it promised, the new and improved 2020 version is hitting all the high notes.

One of our favorite looks this season is the multi-dimensional look of a green or flocked tree base with white, platinum, and gold throughout. This unique and unexpected appearance of all the metals gives you a balanced and sophisticated feel for your holiday decor.

Our design team curated this tree’s look and we’re providing it as a bundle, based on your tree’s size — it takes all the guesswork out of your Christmas tree decorating. Hit the easy button here to get all the elements for crafting this look at home!

Episode #2 — 4 Steps to Put Together Your Custom Look

This week in design school, we’re taking you through the process of creating your own glam tree look. Our four main elements are the topper, ribbon, floral and sprays, and ornaments.

Follow Kristin in the tutorial below!

1. Assemble the tree topper (0:48)

  • Bundle the four florals (from the package) — start with your tallest stem and run it straight down through the pole, using some of the greenery to hold in place. 

  • Second, add the berry and then the poinsettias. Repeat this process on both sides of the tree until you achieve a full topper look.

  • 2. Incorporate the Ribbon (2:20)

  • Take the metallic paisley and layer it over the open weave. 

  • Pinch them together, creating an 8-inch tail. Craft a bow (see the video tutorial for more) and add to the base of the poinsettias. Open the bow up, fluffing the loops. 

  • Cut the tail at a diagonal.

  • Create a series of two larger loops, leaving about 24 inches for each loop. 

  • Kristin’s Design Tip: Be sure to leave the loops open and loose because you don’t want them to pull down or look tight.
  • Instead of starting the second loop directly under the first, pull to the side — secure with branches — and then create a tail. 

  • Bring your next loops to the top of the next side, and create an array of patterns with loops and bows. You want the ribbon to feel structured but placed organically with visual interest throughout.

  • 3. Floral and Spray Layers (6:30)

  • Incorporate the flowers and sprays together with floral clustering, to create a full look throughout. 

  • To create a floral cluster, marry the four stems together, making them look continuous. 

  • Holding all the stems together, take one stem and wrap around the entire bunch. 

  • Bend the stems in half and insert them into the tree.

  • Kristin’s Design Tip: It typically takes 1 floral cluster per 1 foot of a tree to create a full look. If you have a very tall tree, you may need more, perhaps two per foot of height.
  • When you place the cluster, run the stem along the branches and use the branches to hold in place. Place the clusters in a zigzag pattern throughout the tree. 

  • Take the larger darker floral and alternate in the opposite direction. Place again in a zigzag pattern throughout the tree.

  • Kristin’s Design Tip: Sprays are a great way to layer your tree over time. If you stick with the same themes, you can add different elements to grow the decor year after year.
  • Add the berry sprays throughout, filling in spaces as needed. 

    4. Add the Ornaments and Accent Ribbon (11:58)
  • Use shatterproof ornaments and other textured ornaments.

  • Place the largest ornaments further into the tree (you won’t need to use ornament hangers).

  • Then take the regular ball ornaments and add throughout.

  • Take a few different specialized ornaments to put the finishing touches on the tree. If some ornaments are hanging too low, wrap the hanger around the branch to raise it up, giving it more control. 

  • Take a look at the full tree design, find any empty spaces, and add a simple tail, the one-loop bow, or a two-loop bow. 

    Glam Tree Flowers

    These techniques can be adapted to fit any tree design style — whether you purchase the curated bundle or you compose your own look, you have a system that will help you maintain control as you decorate!
  • We hope you have fun coming up with your decorating ideas this season — don’t forget to find us on Instagram and Pinterest for more helpful tutorials and new looks.

    PS — We have some extra special inspiration coming your way over the next few weeks — stay tuned for some sneak peeks at the work going on. 

    Hint #1: It may have to do with some of your favorite home design bloggers and instagramers … well, that may be enough of a helpful hint for today!

    Happy Decorating!