Fall Lanterns to Christmas Lantern Decor

Oct 7th 2020

Over the next four weeks, we are hosting Decorator’s Design School — some of our favorite tips and tricks for designing the perfect look in your home AND growing in your design ability.

Whether you’re a pro crafter or someone who’s decorating their home for the first time, we’ve got something for everyone, across all seasonal decorations. From fall decor to Christmas decorations, we are so excited to share our ideas with you!

Introducing Our Design School

This week, we are showing you how simple it is to create a lantern piece that you can repurpose from fall to Christmas with some easy swaps.

Lanterns add so much warmth to decor — both inside on a fireplace or in outdoor Christmas decorations! Be sure to grab some battery-powered candles so you can incorporate this look throughout your home.

Lantern Swag Tutorial

Fall Lantern Swag

Here are the items you’ll need to replicate the fall project or take a look around our online store for any other inspiration and items you might like to incorporate! Check out how our designer Kristin creates two simple and gorgeous fall-to-Christmas lantern swag pieces for your home decor.

Fall Swag Shopping List:

Sunflower Pumpkin Berry Spray

Crab Apples Spray

Linen Glitter Stripe Ribbon

Polka-dot Ribbon

Episode #1 — Easy Fixes for Changing Holiday Decorations

1. Create the Lantern Swag Base

  • Lay the picks on top of each other and intertwine, making them look like they are one piece. 

  • Make a space about 1/4th the way up the picks for a bow to be tied, pulling a few of the elements upward (sunflower and berry).


Sunflower Pick and Crab Apple Pick

2. Craft Your Bow

  • Take the fabulous fall colored ribbon — our Linen Glitter Ribbon — and create your first two loops. You will leave a tail and pleat the ribbon by pinching it. Create about a 4-inch loop then twist the end to bring the pretty side back up to the top and create your second loop.

  • Pull the loops up to measure and make sure they are the same length.

  • Cut off ribbon, leaving a longer tail. 

  • Pick up the polka dot ribbon and lay over the current base of your bow. 

  • Create a smaller loop that lays over one existing loop, twist, create the second loop, and twist again.
]Grab some floral wire and twist it around the ribbon center, getting it as tight as possible.

  • Leave a tail, cut the ribbon, and fluff the loops.

Ribbon for Fall Lanter

3. Finishing touches

  • Add the bow to the swag, wrapping the floral wire around the base.

  • Fluff the ribbon as needed and bring some balance to the picks by moving elements into position.

  • Bring the swag to the lantern, lay cascading, and wrap the floral wire around the top of the lantern.

  • Using wire cutters, trim the stems off the floral elements.

  • Check the swag and edit as needed! Bring the core elements to the front, trim the edges of the ribbon. Pro Tip: Using a high-quality wire ribbon, you can roll it up and tug to release the curl — it will hold its shape!

Christmas Lantern Edition

Here’s the list of items you would need to switch out the swag for our Christmas look. We love the bright, bold buffalo check pattern mixed with the natural elements!

Decorator's Warehouse Christmas Lantern Swag

Christmas Swag Shopping List:

Wool Check Ribbon

Pine Berry Cone Spray

Berry Pine Pick

Real Touch Pine Spray

Instructions: Follow the same steps listed above to create your personalized Christmas lantern swag!

These fun design elements could be added to your exterior light decorations — or incorporated into your porch decor. If you do use these ideas on a lantern inside your home, you may want to complement your Christmas tree design!

Have fun with this look and find unique ways to incorporate your ideas as you’re decorating your home. If you’d like some help pulling together a cohesive look, we’d love to see you at Decorator’s Warehouse— one of our friendly design experts can help you shop for the looks you’re trying to achieve.