Christmas Tree Inspiration Created by YOU!

Dec 29th 2022

We have LOVED seeing all the trees you and your families have created with Decorator’s Warehouse collections! From the classic Gingerbread look to this year’s awe-inspiring grinchy Green Monster looks, we’ve seen the most wonderful works of art come to life! 

Christmas Trees Inspired by You

Here are our some of our fan-crafted favorites from 2022 to help inspire a new season of Christmas decorators! Enjoy this homey Christmas tree inspiration guide to help you envision your next Christmas tree - or two!

Whimsical Looks for Christmas

We’ve seen two really great hot whimsical tree trends emerge as fan favorites. The first — using the traditional red and white colors in a fun new way (aka Gingerbread or Peppermint themes galore). The second is something soooo fun and magical - the storybook green monster theme that brings us so much magic and joy!

Here are some of our favorite whimsical Christmas tree ideas from YOU - our fellow Christmas lovers and friends.

red and white Christmas tree with whimsical ribbonPeppermint Christmas treeRed, white and green Christmas tree

Nutcracker Christmas treePeppermint Christmas treeGingerbread Christmas treeSmall Peppermint Christmas treeTwin Peppermint Christmas treesBright jewel tone nutcracker treegreen and red Santa tree with sparkleWhoville Christmas treeBakery Christmas treeCandy cane lane Christmas treeSmall Grinch Christmas tree           Gingerbread Kitchen Christmas tree

Elegant Looks for Christmas

With a little gold here and a lot of glitters there, you all totally jumped on the glam train when it comes to decorating your trees! The two biggest trends right now in Elegant Christmas tree looks are going completely metallics with the Christmas tree — mixing champagne, silver, and gold for a stunning sensation — or bringing in unexpected colors like blue and aqua for a magical moment.

(Shoutout to the person who did the stunning dorm room tree. We all wish we could have been as cool as you at that time of our lives!)

Elegant blue, green and gold Christmas treeBlue and gold Christmas treeDorm room Christmas treeblush and silver Christmas treewhite and metallic Christmas treenavy and metallics Christmas treeChampagne Christmas tree

Gold Christmas treeBusiness Christmas tree

Rustic Looks for Christmas

Rustic Christmas tree decor is still a gorgeous way to go with your theme! There are so many ways to make a cozy living room come alive with natural elements, rustic charm, and even glammed-up homey feels! (And you can craft a very classic rustic look that looks great across the years!)

While rustic may traditionally be thought of as browns and neutrals, we’ve seen alot of people take their home inspirations to the Christmas tree and add pops of black for a fresh look! And who said rustic means no color? We love this first image - with the flocked tree and velvet ribbon, there was a neutral palette just ready for the twigs and color combo that brings a warm and inviting compilation of both rustic and glam!

flock glam rustic Christmas tree                            plaid. Christmas tree

brown metallics Christmas tree

jingle bell Christmas tree

classic silver and gold rustic Christmas tree

Fall Christmas Trees

We can’t leave this blog without giving a shoutout to our friends who do Fall Christmas Trees! With the warm and inviting neutral or orange-based color schemes, crafting a one-of-a-kind tree to take out in September makes the magic last that much longer! You can always browse our Fall Collection to inspire a new Christmas tree theme that you can take out that much earlier!

Fall Christmas Tree Orange and black and white

We can't wait to see what you all create next Christmas season! Thank you for being such an important part of the Decorator's Warehouse family!