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Amazing Christmas Gift Wrap Ideas!

Dec 13th 2021

As we're giving and gifting so much these days, sometimes how you wrap the gift is the stand out way to let the receiver know how much you care! Here are some of the ways we love to wrap presents and hope that it inspires you in this season of giving!

Christmas Gift Wrap Ideas

To get the inspiration for Christmas wrapping, we've compiled a few ways to make your gifts shine! First, we'll go over what you need, how to style your gifts, and a few of our favorite color and style combinations!

What You Need to Wrap a Designer Christmas Gift

To wrap your presents, you need —

  • Your wrapping paper of choice
  • Coordinating or contrasting ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Name tags
  • Optional: Embellishments like pieces of sprays and ornaments

Designer Note: You may want to coordinate your paper with the theme of your tree or your home decor! To choose your paper, find a print, a solid, and a repeating pattern like plaid!

Lay out your supplies in an assembly line method and start playing with the different combos you'd like to try!

The first thing to master is a great gift bow! Once you have that down, the options and fun are endless. 

Our Favorite Gift Wrap Color and Texture Combinations

When you're starting to design your packages, you can get as creative as you did with your tree and other decor! Look for patterns and textures the complement each other — keeping the purpose and receiver in mind.

Woodland Inspired

These gorgeous arrangements use soft neutrals and natural elements to bring the woodland vibes to any tree or gift! Birch, vintage patterns, and plaids are always fun to play with!

via Hip and Humble Style

via Claire Lynn Home

Glam Inspired

When you want to make a huge statement, opt for the soft velvets, vibrant plaids, or rich silvers, golds, and platinums that sparkle!

Classic Christmas Inspired

Kraft paper, red, white, and green always elicit classic vibes and bring in cheery nostalgic feelings. We love all the neutrals with pops of polka dots, contrasting green leaves and — you guessed it — more plaids! Ornaments are great because they add the shapes you need to bring visual interest and serve as a double gift. 

Matching Your Tree!

There's nothing more pleasant than waking up Christmas morning to a tree that is overflowing with gorgeously wrapped presents. These amazing images showcase how the packages really finish the look for Christmas morning. 

via Tuft and Trim

We hope that this inspires you to create truly beautiful gifts and Christmas wrap packages that fill the giver and receiver with joy! 

Be sure to shop our selection of ribbonornaments, and sprays to help you craft the most amazing presents possible! Happy shopping and wrapping to you!