The Best Christmas Tree Storage Solution

Dec 30th 2020

Christmas was magic — we felt the planning, the decorating, the giving, and the enjoying any time with friends and family, near or far, so much more this year.

We looked at our loved ones with more grace. We viewed our homes as places to refuel from the stress of life. And we saw Christmas, not just as another holiday to celebrate, but as a season of holding onto joy and an opportunity to heal some heartache for so many.

In the last few days of December, all are looking forward to a fresh start. The promise of the new year looms brighter than it ever did before!

As we prepare our homes to go back to normal and take us into that season, here's the best Christmas Tree storage solution so your tree will have a longer life and your decorations will be ready to bring in the holidays of 2021 — with even more beauty, grace, and joy!

We have been using this thorough checklist to help people put away their artificial trees for many years and are excited to share it with you today!

Remove Christmas Decorations from the Tree

Turn the lights off of your tree and carefully remove the decorations. For ease, start with the smallest ornaments, then move to the larger ornaments, followed by any floral sprays, the ribbon, and the topper elements. Be sure to have bins ready to store your gorgeous decor.

Label or color-code all bins per room, for easier set up if you have more than one Christmas tree.

Check the Lights

After the tree is full undecorated, turn off all the lights and replace any burned out bulbs with the spare bulbs included with the tree. If using other lights, be sure to use replacement bulbs of the same type and voltage used in the tree.

If you have a section of lights that no longer light, a quality light tester can help if you need to troubleshoot any lighting issues.

Give your lights at least 10 minutes to cool down before disassembling your tree. This will give the bulb filaments time to stabilize before being shaken while you’re taking it down.

Unplug the main cords that are connected to each section of the tree. It is not necessary to unplug all of the individual light strand plugs.


Disassemble the Tree


Remove the top section, making it as compact as possible by closing in the branch tips. Remove the remaining sections by first folding up and tying each row, one row at a time, in the “up” position, as it was when it was first opened. Use the ties that came with the tree or any household rope.

Note: You may prefer to do this with the section lying on the floor. But know that the tree will not return to as tight of a fold as it was right out of the box, no matter how well the tree is tied because it has been shaped.

Fold the tree stand and be sure to save any screws in a plastic bag to pack with the Christmas tree.

If your tree is 6.5 feet or taller, and this is the first time the tree is being taken down, we recommend putting a dab of lubricant (WD-40) on the pole where the sections slide into each other. Sometimes the weight of the tree can make the normally snug fit a bit too tight to separate.

Proper Tree Storage

We strongly suggest using an artificial Christmas tree storage solution that is made to hold your tree and stand easily. With carry handles, heavy-duty protective covering, and moisture resistant packaging, this Christmas tree storage bag can help you store your tree properly and keep it working for years of premium usability!
                                                      Christmas Tree Storage Bag

Donate Unwanted Christmas Decor and Trees

As Christmas is ending, you may be evaluating what Christmas decor you have.

Is your older tree in working condition? Or do you have fantastic decorations that are just too much for your space? Consider donating them to a local thrift store, school, local association, or assisted living facility that may be able to use them for a few more years!

And if you find that your Christmas tree is not holding up well as you try to store it, be sure to stop by Decorator’s Warehouse to find the perfect next tree for your celebration’s centerpiece! Our team of Christmas tree experts will be glad to help you find the right solution for your space.