Putting Up Front Porch Fall Decor

Sep 15th 2020

At Decorator’s, we absolutely adore fall. The crisp chill is creeping into Texas air, it’s football season and everything we love about changing seasons starts as we see decoration for autumn going up! From rustic fall to modern farmhouse glam, you have so many options.

Ideas for decorating your entryway

Whatever color palette you choose, trimming your entryway gives your neighbors a gift to enjoy — the best that the season has to offer. Here are some great elements to bring in as you put up your front porch fall decor!

1. Start with Garland. Lining your doorway or front porch with garland isn’t just for Christmas - bring in some cheery color with leaves - perfect for increasing curb appeal and taking your fall decorations up a notch. (Keep scrolling for a great video tutorial on hanging garland!)

2. Add a statement piece. Bring a show-stopping piece to your front door — adding a door hanger, wreath or swag for your front door anchors your design and is a great way to bring in a pop of color. Decorator’s Warehouse has a huge variety to choose from, including pre-made or custom designs. This focal point can be as budget friendly or as custom as you can make it!

3. Incorporate a Vertical Sign and other Visual Interest. Create balance by adding some height to the side of your front door. Visit your local maker’s market for a custom piece or find one in our Arlington, TX store.

4. Round it off with Door Mats, Flowers, and Pumpkins. Bring some personality and fun into your decor ideas. Layering two mats is hot for 2020 — opt for a playful print on the bottom (think black and white check or stripes) and a quirky saying on top!

Added Bonuses:

It wouldn’t be fall without pumpkins and gourds! The heirloom and white pumpkins are gorgeous and quirky for some color play and a more subdued color scheme. But you can’t go wrong with a classic orange and yellow vibes lighting up your front entrance! You can also invest in some reusable pieces like these!

Fresh Fall Flowers. We love mums and will generally choose a variety of colors to brighten everything up. Some of the subtle pinks and creams add a neutral look while the bright yellow and oranges bring in all the warmth.

Additional Seating. If you have a rustic bench or other outdoor seating option, now’s the time to repurpose it for your entryway! It can serve as a great base for your pumpkin feature or simply as additional seating with cozy outdoor throw pillows.

Planning Out Your Front Porch Ideas

As you’re preparing for the fall colors and elements you’ve been pulling together on Pinterest, be sure to incorporate some ideas that make life a little easier as you’re installing your front porch decor! From hanging wreaths to adding garland around your door, there are some simple ways to ensure the decorations go up easily and stay in place.

PS — Your significant other will give you bonus points for having a plan to get the work done in the easiest way possible!

Here are some of our favorite hacks:

Installing Fall Garland

Here’s a video that explains step-by-step of how to hang your gorgeous fall garland, as you’re putting up your outside fall decorations.

All you need are 2-3 pieces of fall garland, a ladder, some mortar screws, and some floral wire. Place your midpoint right on top of the mortar screw and then we use floral wire to hold it in place. Watch below for more details on how to install your fall garland!

Hanging Your Wreath or Swag

When you’re hanging a door wreath, you can use ribbon, a wreath hanger, or non-damaging strips. 

With ribbon, you get the added bonus of more texture for your door. In this method, simply choose your ribbon, loop it through the wreath, and hanging it over the front of your door. Use a strong magnetic hook to hold it on the back of your metal door or non-damaging strips for your wooden door.

If you need an anchor for your wreath or swag, we recommend a sturdy wreath hanger or command strip hooks - depending on if you’d rather have the wreath floating on the door or not.          


Setting up a Pumpkin Feature

Pumpkins, hay, and gourds bring all the feels of a warm, lazy day at the local farm pumpkin patch! When assembling your pumpkin feature, be sure you have varying levels to draw the eye. 

          Putting Up Front Porch Fall Decor

Include items to hold your apples and pumpkins, like a bushel basket or galvanized container. When your displays are subject to the elements — like Texas wind — incorporate a solid wood bench or another item to help your varying levels hold up against wind and rain. You can use heavier pumpkins to anchor your lighter items.

          Heirloom Pumpkins Front Porch Decor

Putting up your front porch fall decor is one of the happiest days of the year. What are your favorite fall porch decorating ideas at your home?