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My Favorite Thing Christmas Party

Nov 29th 2021

Christmas is right around the corner, and we’re getting ready for all the gatherings that we’ve missed for the past few years. With all the hustle and bustle of “normal” life, I wanted to host a Christmas Party that my friends would completely enjoy!

A “My Favorite Things” Christmas Party is a wonderful way to introduce your friends to luxe items or festive things to use all year round! And absolutely everyone walks away with a smile on their faces! Because — who doesn’t love getting to try some new amazing items that are on their friends’ must-have lists?!

How to Plan A “My Favorite Things” Christmas Party

The “rules” of the party are pretty simple —

  1. Ask all the attendees to bring 3 of their favorite gift items to the party. Set a price limit like $25 so everything is within range. The three items must be the same, but variations are ok! For example, if you are sharing your favorite candle brand, three different scents would be a great way to share even more.
  2. Each attendee writes his or her name on 3 cards and puts them in the bucket for their group.
  3. Invite each attendee to share their favorite product and why they brought it. They will then draw three names, and each person drawn will go home with that gift. 

Today, we’re going to go over some gorgeous yet practical gifts, delectable treats to serve, and a sweet favor to leave your friends feeling extra cared for. 

The Gifts Inspiration for our Christmas Party

From hats to candles and gloves to festive garb, here are the 10 best gifts under $25 at Decorator’s Warehouse! And, spoiler alert — there’s something for everyone to love!

1. Hats | We love some hats around here and our vintage Santa and buffalo plaid tree prints make for a cute addition to any festive accent collections!

2. Monet Candles | These candles are made in the USA, burn for 80+ hours, and smell so good. You can’t go wrong with a Christmas Tree or Apple Pie scent!

3. Fleece-lined Leggings | These adorable merry and ultra-comfy leggings are great for staying in and warming up the kitchen on a Saturday morning! Available in-store only.

4. Versi Bag | We love this holiday staple because it gives such versatility and looks amazing! Use as a clutch to go out or as a makeup/accessories bag.

5. Capri Blue Holiday Candles (petite 8 oz.) | We love this company for its quality candles and unique signature scents!

6. Nightshirts | When you’re getting the kids matching PJs and want something a little different for you, these nightshirts are the best for comfortable sleepwear. Available in-store only.

7. Buffalo Plaid Base Mats | Our black and red buffalo check base mat sets the perfect foundation for any festive entryway decor! Couple with your cutest holiday mat and sweet accents to refresh your outdoor decor!

8. Coir Doormats | Set a light-hearted tone for all who enter your home with these simple yet warm door accents! They are irresistible to give to friends and family or display outside your home.

9. Christmas Signs | When you need a small touch for a cozy space, these gorgeous signs deliver the right look for your living area or entryway.

10. Krumbs Kitchen Aprons | Pair up our Krumbs Kitchens Holiday Aprons with a cute spatula to bring joy to the best bakers among you! Spatulas available in-store only.

Christmas Party Finger Foods

Also as part of the party, each guest brings a favorite food item or dish to share with the group! For this party we chose to bring simple snackable items, a signature cocktail cranberry Moscow mule and other festive beverages like hot cocoa bar and wassail (heat on the stove and then keep warm in a crockpot!).

Here are some of the other delicious treats you can use!

Our signature coffee Jingle Bell Java (in-store), hot cocoa packets, and wassail tastes extra sweet in our dasher figurine mugs or the santa and elf striped camp mug!

Soberdough bread is a fantastic treat that’s oh so simple (1. Mix with a bottle of beer or cider. 2. Bake. 3. Embellish!) We made a cinnamon swirl that melts in your mouth with a yummy glaze! You could also serve with Fisher and Weiser jellies, like the peach pecan amaretto and pecan apple butter!

This one may be the fan favorite! Cracker Smack Truffle and Garlic seasoning mix (in-store only) takes canola oil, the mix, and a quick shake of the mixing bag. Add in mini saltines and let it sit overnight!

The Original Roasted Raspberry Chipotle Sauce is always a fresh addition to serve over cream cheese with crackers.

Cranberry moscow mules (in-store) bring an additional element to the party — just get the mix and add your favorite beverage to the copper mugs.

And a few festive packed party cups, a banner, and table runners make the entire look come together seamlessly.

It’s In the Little Things!

One way to show your guests a little extra love is by sending them with a plus one! Set up a table by the front door with a little favor to take with them — like some cozy fleece socks they can wear all winter long!

We hope you take these ideas and run with a fabulous Christmas party your friends will love and you can enjoy putting together! The holidays are made for celebrating, and we want you all to enjoy this season and make it the best Christmas ever!