Making Fun Christmas Memories At Home

Dec 9th 2020

When the holiday season is in full swing, there’s so much happening! 

From Christmas shopping and checking your list once or twice — to managing a family's work and school schedules, the days seem to be flying by. Here are 4 family traditions that help to families slow down and savor the moments. 

1. A Hot Chocolate Themed Charcuterie

One way to help your family regroup and settle in for an evening together is to break out the hot chocolate fixings and create a dream hot chocolate charcuterie board! There’s nothing better than making Christmas memories together with your friends and loved ones, especially when you have children in your home.

Hot Chocolate Charcuterie Board

Take the traditional charcuterie board and bring in all the imagination and fun of the holiday season! From themed mugs to the centerpiece and accents, you can really get the whole family excited to participate in an evening at home.

For extra fun, pop some popcorn, break out your family’s favorite Christmas movie or board game, and spend some much-needed downtime together.

Hot Chocolate Board

To create this fun and magical twist on a normal charcuterie board, you’ll need a few things:

  • 4-8 Christmas-themed mugs
  • A Variety of hot chocolate packets

  • Large and mini marshmallows

  • Peppermint candies

  • Flavor spoons

  • Hot cocoa toppers

  • Chocolate and rainbow sprinkles

    Hot Chocolate Elements
  • We love these reindeer mugs as they remind us at Decorator’s Warehouse of our charming coffee shop, Dasher Pie Co. We had these mugs designed and consider them to be our mascot.

    Due to this year’s restrictions, we decided to keep it closed for the season but cannot wait to bring it back as soon as we can!


    One of our most beloved drinks was the unicorn hot cocoa, inspired by our rainbow and sprinkle loving children! To bring some sparkle to the littles in your life, add milk, top with whipped cream and colorful, rainbow sprinkles. We promise, your kids will be talking about it for days!

    Family Tradition to Remember

    There are so many fun family traditions to choose from, but here are a few that are special to us at Decorator’s Warehouse!

    Looking at Lights with 3D Specs

    Most kids and adults alike cherish their memories of driving around to catch a few impeccably decorated homes in their PJs! But if you’ve never looked at Christmas lights with 3D glasses on — you haven’t lived! Try a pair and see much more fun the kids (and parents) can have! 


    The Star From Afar

    This sweet nativity set is a spectacularly fun game for kids and parents — bring the search for baby Jesus alive each day! Every morning, ask your kids to find the star you’ve hidden. Once they do, bring the wise men to that place in the home for the day. On Christmas morning, the wise men arrive, bearing gifts for the newborn King.


    The Giving Manger

    The Giving Manger tradition tells children that they will be getting gifts the entire month of December; but when they wake the next morning, instead of seeing presents, they see a small manger on the table. You explain to them that their gifts will be giving of themselves — acts of service to show their family and friends and community, just what Christmas is all about. And as they complete their acts of kindness, they get to put a piece of straw in the manger.

    In this year of struggle and stress, encouraging more kindness can benefit everyone in the family.

    And it’s never too late to start! You can begin the tradition now, by heading to their website and download the free inspirations for service or by participating in their initiative to serve those who are in nursing homes this year by sending cards!  

                                      The Giving Manger Christmas Memories

    You can always do something to change someone’s life, even if it’s a simple gesture of kindness. We love this company’s heart and passion to help family connect, especially around giving and sharing the gifts that we’ve received.

    We hope that you enjoy making Christmas memories this year. 

    Whether spending quiet time at home or watching Christmas movies with your closest loved ones, be sure to connect with family and friends — and be safe and well. 

    No matter how different Christmas may look this year, remember that the joy of Christmas is found in the people we love, in the difference we make, and in the baby that was born to save the world.