Crafting the Perfect Fall Christmas Tree

Oct 13th 2021

If you love Christmas and hate taking your tree and Christmas ornaments down, there’s a trend that’s taking social media by storm — holiday Christmas trees year-round! We love this idea and think that a fall Christmas tree is one of the best things you can do to get your home ready for the festive season.

Fall Christmas Tree

If you’re into Halloween — be sure to check out our dynamic take on silly spooky fun. (And shhh, don’t tell anyone, but we decorated our tree half in Halloween and half in fall to save on time and decor items!) 

You can find creative ways to celebrate all the moments with intentional fun and flair — and this is a perfect way to get all the best use out of your tree.

The Perfect Fall Christmas Tree

A Christmas tree decorated with faux pumpkins and plaid ribbon gives just the right lift to a room that’s begging for more interior design elements! This fall decorating trend is here to stay — we hope you love this fall Christmas tree and can’t wait to see yours at #DWChristmas and #FallChristmasTree.

Here are our easy five steps to filling out your festive fall tree!

1. Choose a combo of ribbons to jump-start your design.

Every great tree design starts with a couple of stellar ribbon choices! 

We love this buffalo plaid and coordinating black and white check with pumpkins — and we have some amazing white and neutral choices if that’s more your thing! (Keep scrolling for more inspiration!)

2. Lights or no lights?

If your Christmas tree doesn’t have lights in it already, you may decide to leave them off this decor scheme and leave that especially for your Christmas tree, but we turned our artificial tree lights on for this design — and it lit up the room with a cozy warmth all night long.

If your tree doesn’t already have them installed or you want to add more, you'll love cluster lights because of their gorgeous twinkle!

3. Craft the Perfect Topper.

We can’t get enough of the cotton stems because of their neutral and soft dimensions. Coupled with some crabapple and berry stems, this tree is ready to take on the world with its orange glow!

4. Add a mix of sprays to add texture and interest to the fall Christmas tree.

We chose some yellow and orange berriesplaid pumpkinsnatural leaves, and golden harvest picks to bring a decided autumn color scheme to this tree. If you want a more neutral look for a fall and thanksgiving tree, you can also use your galvanized accessories, cotton stems, and other lightly fall-colored accents to bring your own unique creation to life!

5. Tie your tree theme throughout your home — and add a tablescape!

We can’t leave this design without bringing in a tablescape that draws the eye to the tree! Coupled with the festive autumn wreaths gracing the windows, you can create a cohesive fall design with some reusable pieces that make your home cozy year after year!

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