Fourth of July Decor and a Patriotic Christmas Tree

Jun 10th 2021

It can be a fun addition to your Fourth of July decor to add a patriotic Christmas tree! In our house we've adopted the practice of keeping a seasonal Christmas tree that stays out all year! You can quickly change out the trim based on the season or holiday you are celebrating and is always sure to be a point of conversation with your guests!

Tips and Tricks for Decorating Your Own Patriotic Christmas Tree

1.) Think of Ways to Repurpose Your Christmas/Holiday Decor

Rather than than starting from scratch, how can you reinvent pieces that you already own? A patriotic tree calls for a crisp red, white and blue palette- colors which are also frequently used for other seasons (Christmas, Valentine's Day). 

These lit LED Stars are the perfect touch for this patriotic Christmas tree. Place at the top of your tree for a stand out tree topper and scatter throughout for added charm. These are battery operated and are sure to make a statement. 

I was going for a vintage rustic feel on this tree, so opted for this set of 3 red, rustic stars. The chippy paint and patina definitely helped achieve the look I was going for. 

One of our best-selling items every year are these lit LED starbursts. We use them on our trees as toppers. When creating a large spray topper, you are often left with a dark spot at the top of your tree. By placing this starburst first and the sprays around it, you bring the light upwards creating a pleasing appearance. A great way to repurpose your topper, is to place it poking out of the tree to create a "firework" look. What a fun and playful addition! I've added three, placed in a zigzag pattern. 

2.) Weave Patriotic Ribbon Throughout

If you feel intimidated by ribbon, be sure to check out our tutorial on working with ribbon here. I chose this crisp red, white, and blue striped linen ribbon which pops on this white Christmas tree. Ribbon provides such a great bang for your buck! Have you ever wondered how much ribbon to use on your Christmas tree? My suggestion is 2-3 rolls per style on a 7.5' tree, 3-4 on a 9' tree and 5-6 on a 12'. Of course this all depends on your preferences, how full your tree is and if you are decorating the full 360 view. 

3.) Accent with Spring Florals as Filler

I love using filler florals and sprays to create a full tree with lots of texture and interest. Light, wispy florals in red and blue add interest through the body of the tree. Shown here are our red geranium bushes and blue shasta daisies. When working with bulkier fillers, like this red geranium, you can always cut them down into smaller pieces.

4.) Create a Matching Tablescape

Once you've created a centerpiece for your Fourth of July entertaining, be sure to continue the theme onto your table. This will create a warm and inviting space for your guests to enjoy. This line of vintage white enamel serving pieces definitely has an Americana feel.

5.) Create a Menu That Includes Red, White, and Blue 

Fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays when it comes to entertaining! There are so many simple, colorful recipes that are so fun and festive. Be sure to check out our blog here where we share some of easy recipes that are not only tasty, but also pleasing to the eye. 

Check out my all time favorite salad bowl here. It's the perfect size to bring to your next summer pot luck. 

If you create a patriotic Christmas tree for Fourth of July or Memorial Day we would love to see! As you go about your celebrations, be sure to take a moment of remembrance for all the brave men and women who have sacrificed so much for us to enjoy the freedoms that we have. We are the land of the free because of the brave!